12 Tall Girl Problems - You Know It’s True! | POPxo
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12 Tall Girl Problems - You Know It’s True!

12 Tall Girl Problems - You Know It’s True!

If you're the one who everyone yells for when they have to reach anything on a higher shelf and the one your friends use as a shield when they have to hide from someone, then you get what it feels like to be a tall girl. And while you mostly enjoy towering over everyone and being able to breathe even in crowded spaces, there are some awkwards moments only you would get! So, here are a few of those tall girl problems...

1. When you underestimate yourself…

And bang into that low ceiling even though you ducked. tall girls problems

2. When you're running late for a flight…

And get stuck in the centre seat and have to literally squish yourself to fit.

3. When you take a shower in a hotel…

And can neither fit in the bathtub comfortably nor get the shower to aim above your neck.

4. When you match with a really hot guy on Tinder who actually seems like a nice person...

But turns out to be 4 inches too short for you when you meet him. tall girls problems

5. When you go for a sleepover to a friend's place…

And your feet stick out of the blanket! (And your ankles out of the borrowed pajamas.)

6. When you go for a haircut…

And the hairdresser needs to use a stool because he can't see what he's doing… Banner Teal

7. When you attend a wedding and have to hug all those relatives…

But they end up hugging you sari blouse area instead. (Followed by, "Itni lambi kab ho gayi?")
tall girls problems

8. When people assume you must be super into sports… Or Bournvita.

No, it's um, actually, just genes?

9. When you order a maxi dress and it turns out to be a midi on you…

That's in fashion too, though, right?

10. When your friends are taking a selfie and ask you to click it because you have long arms…

And you end up cutting off half of your head trying to fit everyone else in. tall girls problems

11. When your boyfriend actually manages to pick you up…

But keeps banging your feet (or sometimes head) against things!

12. When you go shoe shopping and the salesman tries to guess your size…

And you tell him to get you the biggest one they have. And even that doesn't fit occasionally! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!
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Published on Apr 12, 2016
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