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6 Ways To Style Your Hair All Fancy - Without Damaging It!

6 Ways To Style Your Hair All Fancy - Without Damaging It!

Admit it - we’re all guilty of damaging our hair for the prospect of a new hair style. No matter what the brand of flat irons or curling rods we use, damage is inevitable. So this season, let’s treat our hair better and use these methods to style our hair with minimal damage...

1. Create fun curls with damp hair in a bun

Style hair with minimum damage This is probably the most widely-used method for achieving curls quickly. Since it requires the use of a blow dryer, excess of which can damage your hair,  it’s best to wash your hair with the new Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner before using this method, as it will keep your hair moisturised. After washing, towel dry your hair. Then run your fingers through your hair and push it up to tie a high ponytail. After you’ve tied the ponytail, start twisting your hair from the root to the tip. Tuck the end in to form a bun, then use your blow dryer on the bun. When you feel it’s sufficiently dry, let the bun and ponytail loose. Voila! you’ve got awesome curls!

2. Give loose plaits a try

Style hair with minimum damage Never underestimate the power of plaits! Try out loose plaits the next time your hair is acting up and you’re on the verge of a bad hair day. Push your hair to one side and start plaiting from the mid-length of your hair till the tip. Once you’ve tied it, loosen the plaits slightly using your fingers. Make sure to open the plaits and brush your hair at the end of the day because breakage might occur if you sleep on it.

3. Use a flat iron to create straight locks

Style hair with minimum damage We just can’t help but run to our flat irons on days when our mane is being a drama queen! And no matter how much we love our curls, we always appreciate the sleek look our hair gets after being straightened. There aren’t many heatless methods to get straight hair, though using a blow dryer is a little less damaging than using a flat iron. But either way, you can always count on Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for the best care for your hair.

4. Make deep curls using magazine pages

Style hair with minimum damage Your hair will love you for trying this method because there is very little damage! Start by tearing out pages from old magazines and folding them into vertical strips. Dampen your hair slightly, take small sections and start wrapping them around the folded magazine pages. Depending on how thick your hair is, you can repeat this as many times as necessary. You can either sleep with it on overnight or just use a blow dryer for faster results. The super cute curls which will emerge will look natural.

5. The easy half-up and half-down style

Style hair with minimum damage This very simple hairstyle has been loved by all girls through the years. Instead of just sectioning the hair and tying it, you can try a half-bouffant hairdo. A bouffant is all about creating a puffy look for your hair. You can use bobby pins to try to keep the bouffant/puff in place but it usually sags down. So use a hair spray to keep it in place. And no need to worry about harming your hair with hair sprays - we love the new Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, which provides unbeatable damage repair!

6. Use a hair band for a boho hairdo

Style hair with minimum damage Use your hair bands for this super cute boho hairdo. Just comb your hair and part it either in the middle or on the side. Place your hair band on top your hair, just like a hippie head gear. From one side, start by pulling a section of your hair backwards over the headband, and tuck the hair into it. Add this first section of hair to the next section of hair you have and repeat. Once all of your hair has been twisted around the band, you can use bobby pins to keep the hair band in place. Alternatively, you can keep it on overnight to get heatless curls, but it might cause breakage, so it’s not advisable to do it often. * This is a sponsored post for Dove.
Published on Apr 27, 2016
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