10 Struggles Of Having Sex In A Car That Are All Too Real!

10 Struggles Of Having Sex In A Car That Are All Too Real!
As exciting as the prospect of car sex sounds, the struggles that come with it are rather real too! You may feel like an excited teenager when you’re about to do it in the car - with all the secrecy and hiding and all that - but here are some struggles you will totally relate to too!

1. First, you are worried about where to park the damn car!

If you find a spot without taking a million rounds of a colony, where no aunty, guard or cop can spot you - it really is your lucky day!

2. “Can no one really see us?!”

This question will persist to haunt you even after you’ve found a somewhat decent hiding spot for your “adventures”.

sex in a car

3. Where is the space?!

Okay, honestly, there are only two spots in the car where you can actually have somewhat, kinda, sorta comfortable sex - the front passenger seat and the back seat. And neither of them will still allow you to have sex without at least banging your head or legs or arms somewhere or the other!

4. “Ooops, I accidentally hit the horn!”

“With my butt, while trying to get on top.”

sex in a car

5. And what about the hand break hitting you?!

In places where only one thing should ever be “hitting” you. If you know what we mean. :P

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6. “OMG, how to put a condom on now?”

Because it’s, like, in his pocket or in your purse and finding it and unrolling it and putting it on while trying to balance yourself and keep the momentum going is basically a full 10-minute process.

sex in a car

7. “HOW do we change positions?!”

You are kind of restricted to the one position which you start with… Because let’s be honest, there is really no room for much experimenting! And if you try to change, it will be a bit of a procedure.

8. It is so hot!

Not just the kind of hot you want, but actually physically, temperature wise hot. The glass windows aren’t just steaming up for nothing! (Of course, you could crank the AC up, but then you’re suddenly too cold. Uff!)

sex in a car

9. “Ouch, ouch, I have a cramp in my leg!”

At least one of you will end up saying this. It’s okay, fitting into a small space and trying to do a whole lotta activity can lead to leg cramps!

10. Damn the radio!

Just when things are beginning to go smoothly, the radio has a knack of ruining the mood with a completely random song. Hey, at least you can have a good laugh about it. Also, it teaches you to put your own music on!

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