What Every Girl With Curly Hair Needs To Know About Plopping!

What Every Girl With Curly Hair Needs To Know About Plopping!
What the hell is plopping, you ask? It’s only the best thing that ever happened to all you curly-haired beauties! It is a heat-free hair drying technique that is going to give you the curls you’ve always been dreaming of. Think we’re exaggerating? Go give it a shot - you’ll never dry your curly hair the same again! 

Curly hair is known to lose its gorgeous definition unless generously sprayed with a hair product. Bad hair days are the worst and trips to the hair care aisle at the supermarket can be extremely painful—there are just too many products that promise to give you sexy beachy waves. The end result, though, is thousands of rupees spent leading to unnecessary product build-up on your head and curls that are anything but fabulous... 

There are a lot of women out there looking for a quick product-free fix. Hair Plopping does just that! 

So when should you be plopping your curls?

plopping curly hair

Got curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair? Or a half-curly, half-wavy, but mostly frizzy mess on your head? Start plopping right after you wash your hair! 

Why should you plop?

This technique allows your curls to stay intact, wards off frizz and boosts volume and springiness. 

Things you’ll need for hair plopping

  1. Old long sleeve cotton T-shirt or a cotton scarf of some kind

  2. Hair serum or curl cream (optional)

  3. Crafty hands

How to do plopping in 5 easy steps?

Step 1: After you’ve used a cotton tee to remove excess water from your hair after washing it, apply your hair product. Then lay your long-sleeved tee flat on the bed, bend over and basically drop your wet curls over the tee. The point is to coil up the curls as close to your head as possible to give you bouncy springy hair using this plopping method

Step 2: After you’ve ensured that all the curls are concentrated on the top of your head, take the bottom edge of the T-shirt (or cloth) and drape it over the back of your head - you could even knot it up, if you like. 
plopping curly hair

Step 3: Grab the neck of the T-shirt and tuck it under the knot you made in step 2. At this point, you want to ensure that the sleeves of the T-shirt are now on either side of your head. 

Step 4: Twist and tie up the sleeves in the front of your head, creating a cute little turban. 
plopping curly hair

Step 5: Tuck in and pin up any loose ends. That’s it! 

Like one beauty blogger aptly said, “Hair Plopping is basically like making origami on your head!”. You may feel a bit off, with this weirdly shaped turban on your head - but once you see the results, you wouldn’t really care so much!   


You can leave the cloth on overnight to wake up to gorgeous curly hair, or you could leave it on just long enough for your hair to dry. Cheers to gorgeous curly hair! 

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