11 Things You’ll Only Get If You Have Really Tiny Feet!

11 Things You’ll Only Get If You Have Really Tiny Feet!
It’s a curse, folks. A CURSE. One that you can only understand if you have tiny feet yourself. And if you don’t? #OMGIHateYouSoMuch! Presenting…11 small feet problems!

1. OF COURSE the most reliable place for you when it comes to shoes is the kids’ section…

Except that, you know, you don’t actually like wearing shoes designed for children.

small feet problems

2. But what can you do, really?

Since the “grown up” shops never actually seem to think about you - even though you’re in your twenties.

small feet problems 2

3. You can NEVER buy shoes online.

Because what they say is a size 3.5 is actually something like a size 5 when you finally get the package.

small feet problems

4. Which means that any time you see a pair at the mall in your size, you inevitably buy it.

Even if it’s ridiculously ugly or hideously expensive. Since you don’t actually want to walk around barefoot in public.

small feet problems

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5. You’ve heard this often: “OMG, your feet are so tiny!”

OMG, you are so observant!

small feet problems

6. Even socks are problematic.

NO, guys, no. One size does NOT fit all. Our feet DO slip out of them.

small feet problems

7. You loooooove covered, lace-up shoes.

Because you can stuff them with something and still wear them even if they are half a size bigger than what you actually need.

small feet problems

8. You’re kind of sick of people putting their foot next to you and “measuring” and laughing.


small feet problems

9. And when you meet kids who have feet bigger than yours…

Murderous rage is a thing you’ve actually felt. Why is the world so damn unfair?!

small feet problems

10. Of course, if you ever meet adults with feet smaller than yours…

You do to them what everyone usually does to you. :P

small feet problems

11. You’re SO glad there are no sayings about “You know what they say about women with tiny feet…”

Well, at least you have it better than guys who have tiny feet! ;-)

small feet problems

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