6 Simple Ways To Prolong The Effects Of Waxing!

6 Simple Ways To Prolong The Effects Of Waxing!
Don’t you just love that just-waxed feeling of ultimate smoothness and a few weeks ahead of being absolutely hair-free? It really is the best! But it feels like before you know it, you’re switching those cute dresses for jeans and pants thanks to pesky hair growth and booking your parlour appointment yet again! Well we give you a few easy tips on prolonging the effects of waxing to make life easier, keep your skin soft and hair-free for longer and allow yourself to wait a little more till your next painful session (we’re looking at you, bikini waxes!). You're welcome!

1. Let It Grow

Hair that is too short won’t get waxed properly, which means it will grow in sooner. Don’t think about getting waxed till your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long. This is the ideal length as the wax can get a better hold of the hair and pull it out from the root, instead of it just breaking at the surface. Hair that is pulled from the root takes much longer to grow back.

2. Exfoliate Just Before Your Wax

prolong the effects of waxing

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Exfoliating well the day before your appointment allows any hair tucked under dead skin to be lifted, making it easier to come out during waxing. The less dead skin there is, the easier it will be to wax away hair as dead skin can trap hair under the skin’s surface and cause ingrowths.

3. And Also Exfoliate Almost Always

Continue to exfoliate every other day after your wax to slough away dead skin and also to keep ingrown hairs in check. Exfoliating your skin is the best and only way to get rid of any hair ingrowths that were left behind after your wax and to keep them in check. Which means you can enjoy being hair-free for longer.

4. Never Ever Shave In Between Appointments

prolong the effects of waxing

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Shaving will make your hair grow back short and stubbly, making it super stubborn to remove while waxing, not to mention extra painful. If it’s an emergency and you absolutely must shave, make sure to wait a minimum of 2 weeks till you wax then, to allow the hair to grow long enough. However, a combination of shaving and waxing can lead to ingrowths, so try and stick to only waxing if you want to go longer in-between appointments.

5. Moisturize Like A Boss

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated, not just for supple and healthy skin but also to make waxing a smoother process. Dry, cracked skin can cause the hair to break off rather than come off completely from the root, which means regrowth will occur much faster. Up your exfoliation and moisturizing game in between appointments to keep your skin soft. Good skincare is the best post-waxing treatment.

6. Think Long-Term

prolong the effects of waxing

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You know what the best part about waxing is? With regular sessions, your hair growth actually decreases and becomes sparse - it really happens! With regular waxing that is, not shaving. Staying on schedule and waxing every month or so (depending on your growth), will actually help reduce hair growth in the long term, which means a lesser need to wax as regularly in the future. Hurray!

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