13 Signs You ARE In A Relationship (In Case You Weren’t Sure!)

13 Signs You ARE In A Relationship (In Case You Weren’t Sure!)
Every time someone asks, “Are you in a relationship?”, you hesitate for a moment and then say, “Not really, there is this guy though… But, it’s nothing. I don’t know”. Sounds familiar? Well, if you’re unsure whether you’re just friends or more with him, these 13 signs will put all your doubts to rest! Here are some signs you are indeed in a relationship with him!

1. You love how you feel when you are physically close to him...

And every time his hand brushes against yours, or he comes a bit too close while talking - you tingle all over. Plus, you feel like he too keeps looking for excuses to be near you.

signs you are in a relationship

2. You get super jealous when someone else flirts with him, even though he may not reciprocate.

‘Coz the thought of him with someone else - it just doesn’t seem right, and makes you irrationally mad at him - and he, without complaint, tries to make up for it.

3. You can demand time, attention, and food from him even at 2 a.m!

And he will leave whatever he is doing or whoever he is with, and give in to your demands first - only because it’s you. And between you two it’s an unsaid rule - you before another.

signs you are in a relationship

4. Every time other people can’t get in touch with him, they call you

Because they just assume you’d know, like you always do..

5. You have imagined what kissing him would feel like…

And in your head, it feels just perfect! Honestly after those long, tight hugs you doubt if the kiss could be bad.

signs you are in a relationship

6. You two keep ditching your group of friends, to spend time alone…

And come up with weird excuses to sneak away, only so that your other friends may not get suspicious and tease you even more than they already do.

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7. You aren’t even interested in dating other people…

You see where your loyalties lie already?

signs you are in a relationship

8. He likes to take you out every now and then… And it’s on him!

And the thing is that you don’t feel weird about it at all. It doesn’t feel like a favour - almost seems like a date actually!

9. Yes, you talk to each other all day, every day, and every night before going to sleep!

You’ve grown to love his voice - the way it rings when he laughs, the way he whispers when he’s half asleep.  

signs you are in a relationship

10. You know all his secrets…

Even the ones he hasn’t told his closest friends about, because he thought they’d laugh at him!

11. When he’s coming over - you deliberately make that messy bun that makes you look hot...

So that he doesn’t think that you’ve made an effort especially for him, but you still look… well, hot!

signs you are in a relationship

12. All your close friends and siblings have heard endless tales about him...

Coz he just figures so often in your stories - and you kinda love talking about him with anyone who cares to listen!

13. You’ve both confessed your feelings, but not really said it all.

You’ve had moments, you know… Where you told each other how you’re glad you met, and how you can’t think of life without each other - but you’ve not dropped the big L word, yet. We think it’s on it’s way though! :)

signs you are in a relationship

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