feel about their ex

Sunday Shorts: 3 Girls On How They Really Feel About Their Exes


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1. The wrong crossroad

I miss him. I think I always will. From where I saw it, he had the most perfect imperfections. He was hurt and angry, for he was forced to accept a stepfather while his cheeks still bore tear stains from seeing his father succumb to depression. I was scarred from an abusive relationship. We fell in love, but our fingers didn’t fit into each others’. I wouldn’t let him come near me, and he needed lots of hugs. I wish we had met at a better crossroad, or maybe just a straight path, where we could learn to heal and be healed.

feel about their ex

2.  Strangers to love

We had known each other since first grade. It took us thirteen years to fall in love and just three months to fall out. Hard. Best friends turned strangers in a matter of days. He couldn’t bring me red roses, and I didn’t want pink ones any longer. He still wanted to watch late night football matches with popcorn, and I wanted to cuddle. He still wanted to give me sweet pecks on the cheek and I wanted deep kisses. Now we just meet in corridors like strangers would: smile, wave and trudge on. We were soulmates, and we could have spent a lifetime like that...just without the rings.

feel about their ex

3. The love that didn’t make it...

He said he wasn’t strong enough to be a father, especially without having married me - and I said I couldn’t give up my unborn child. Our child. Every night before I go to bed my son kisses me on the forehead and says “Good night, mommy, I am right here,” and puts my head on his little arm and goes to sleep. He sounds just like his father, but he is nothing like him. I hope and pray I never see my ex again - because if I do, the mother will overpower the lover and all the hatred and anger that I have kept bottled up will spill over and burn him. For his sake, I hope we never meet again.

feel about their ex

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Published on Apr 17, 2016
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