Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales That Will Change How You Think About Sex

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales That Will Change How You Think About Sex

1. That One Moment...

She didn’t lose anything to him. She loved him more than she thought it was possible to love another. And when you love like that, does it really matter that he doesn’t love you back…at least, not as much?

So when she had sex with him, she didn’t lose her virginity. She won the moment that would stay with her forever, even if he didn’t.

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2. The Spark That Shouldn't End

Day in and day out I waited for him to come back - so that we could try "something new" for the day. I spent hours while he worked in office, doing a research of my own. I searched for different sex positions on the internet - especially those that were most pleasurable for men. He told me I was obsessed. That it was fun at first, but now I was going crazy. Why did I feel the need to do this everyday? He came home tired and just wanted to rest. Why couldn't we just talk and eat and watch TV like normal couples? But I couldn't let him be too long. We had done that long enough, and I saw how much it had damaged our relationship. I saw how he looked at other women - like they could give him what he wanted. I wasn't obsessed with sex - I was just desperate. Desperate to win my husband over again. To make him love me the way he used to. I wanted the spark back in our relationship - and I was willing to do anything for it.

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3. When A Stranger Set Me Free

Three months after I had broken up with my boyfriend, my parents married me off to a stranger. And I was in too much pain to protest.

For nearly six months, I didn’t let him near me - and then when we finally decided to do it, I was incredibly nervous - as if it were my first time. I wasn't a virgin, and he knew it.

The moment arrived, and suddenly, everything automatically seemed to lighten up. It felt like magic. I looked into his eyes, at his face, at his lips - but not once did I close my eyes and clench my teeth like I had always done before. I didn't think of my heartaches or my troubles. Most of all, I didn't feel naked - physically or emotionally. And just like that...he wasn’t a stranger anymore. Just like that...he set me free.

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