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Relationship Mistakes He May Make & Why You Should Forgive Them

Relationship Mistakes He May Make & Why You Should Forgive Them
Guys and girls both make mistakes in relationships - but there are some that need to be forgiven and forgotten! Here are a few mistakes guys make in relationships that really shouldn't be deal breakers. Let it go, ladies!

1. They vent a little bit to their friends!

Because, hello, we all do! When you’re upset about something your guy did, who do you turn to to talk about it? Your friends, right? Then what’s the harm if he does the same? He needs someone to talk about his issues with too!

2. They forget to call you back!

This is, yes, very common and also, pretty annoying. You call him, he’s busy, he says he’ll just call back - and then, he forgets! But ladies, honestly, it's not a deal breaker! It can get a tad bit irritating yes, but it’s not something unforgivable!

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3. They try and avoid having an “awkward” conversation at all costs!

When there’s something super important you want to talk about - whether about the future of your relationship or a current issue you might be facing - you will often see him run for the door! This is because guys are, much more than us women, averse to confrontation. Even a very mild one. They’d rather just avoid talking about something altogether rather than having to deal with the consequences of saying something wrong in the situation! This can sometimes be a problem, especially when you’re looking for clarity - but give him time. He’ll come around eventually!

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4. They sometimes forget their manners…

Like the time they forgot to introduce you to that friend you both bumped into when you went out for dinner. Or when they just don’t bother offering to help even if you’re carrying a billion bags! Yes, sometimes, they forget their manners! But take it from us, it’s not something they do on purpose. Unless, they’re just inherently ill mannered! Which most men are actually not. ;)

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5. They can sometimes be a tad bit insensitive about, um, “lady problems”

Whether it’s always blaming your bad mood on PMS, or just actually being insensitive about your cramps and stuff when you’re on your period - just know this, ladies - they don’t actually know how it feels! And so they say what they say - or make their little jokes - out of sheer ignorance. And you can’t really be mad at that forever! They really just don’t know any better.

6. They always expect you to decide where to go!

Where to go to eat, where to go for drinks on a Friday night, what movie to watch - arghh! This is the one fight that all couples constantly have. They want you to decide where to go, but will almost always have an issue with the place you choose - and then the two of you will have a disagreement! After much deliberation you’ll finally decide - and it's probably going to be the place you had first suggested. Why, guys, why do you bother with this?!

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7. They can be a bit confused about what they want!

Especially when it comes to a relationship. Some guys are blessed with just knowing what they want, of course - but most of them can be pretty confused about what they want out of a relationship. Before you get the wrong idea, no, this does not mean they’re confused about you. But there are certain things that us girls have more clarity about than guys sometimes - and that's okay! You may have thought about the future of this relationship and he might look completely perplexed when you ask him. Again, this is something that will only come to him with time. So don’t rush it and don’t overthink it!

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