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12 Reasons Your Girl Gang Is Absolutely The BEST!

12 Reasons Your Girl Gang Is Absolutely The BEST!
Life would have been so boring and normal-ish without your girl gang, wouldn’t it? They add spice, meaning and happiness to your life. When all of you girls come together, you become an unstoppable force! They love you unconditionally and always have your back. Here are 12 reasons your girl gang is the absolute best! (You guys rock!)

1. There’s never a dull moment with them!

There’s no one better to gossip with, laugh with or take better advice from in the whole wide world. Without them, life just wouldn’t be the same. They complete you!
Girl gang is the best

2. When you need someone to bail you out of trouble, they’re always just a call away.

No, it’s not your boyfriend or your parents, it’s your girl gang coming for your rescue. They’re simply amazing.

3. If they hear anyone bitch about you or act funny with you, that’s the end of them!

If they had to take a bullet for you, they would gladly. Girl gang is the best

4. You never have to pretend to be someone else in front of them.

They know and love the REAL you.

5. Your famjam trusts them more than you sometimes.

They know you’re in good company and most importantly, you’re going to be safe. Girl gang is the best

6. Whether it’s a night out, party scenes or just grabbing a bite with your favorite girlfriends, one thing is guaranteed - FUN!

And oodles of giggles too! You’re busy making memories, ladies. BannerTeal 500px

7. The more you rant about the world to them, the more energised you feel!

Who are we kidding here?! No one understands your problems better than your fave girl gang. Girl gang is the best

8. No matter how lame and petty the fight is, they’re always willing to forgive and move on.

That’s what besties do!

9. Before you say something, they already know what you’re thinking...

It’s telepathy, baby! Girl gang is the best

10. Want an honest opinion? Ask them. They never sugarcoat the truth.

Only because they want the best for you.

11. From giving makeup a miss to walking in your pajamas all day - they never judge.

They actually think it’s pretty awesome. Girl gang is the best

12. No problem of yours is too big for them to solve. They pull you through anything and everything!

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