7 Reasons Your Girl Gang Is The BEST!!

7 Reasons Your Girl Gang Is The BEST!!
Every girl needs a group of close friends - for 2 am calls when no one else picks up, for window shopping at the mall, to panic about the future with and for a shoulder to cry on. This International Women’s Day, celebrate womanhood with your favourite girl squad by letting your hair down. YepMe has helped us with 7 super cute looks for the different personalities you find in a girl squad. Go on, get shopping! ;)

1. You Always Have A Fashionista On Board

1. girl squad

Not sure what to wear for the next board meeting or to the next party you plan on letting your hair down at? There’s always the fashionista to the rescue. This squad member is always up to date with the latest trends and she has the prettiest clothes. For her, this fringe skirt in faux leather is the perfect party number.

2. When In Doubt, Consult Love Guru

2. girl squad

Don’t know how to approach that really cute guy in college? Can’t find the confidence to even speak to him? Let love guru guide you through it. Every group has one girl that is completely sorted in the relationships department and is more than willing to help you out as well. Your relationship advisor is likely to fall in love with this flirtatious top that is sure to grab eyeballs.

3. There’s Always The Health Freak To Keep You In Check

3. girl squad

Somehow your health freak bestie will always find you just when you’re about to bite into that juicy burger! Take note of what she says and follow her for your own good. Let her show off her toned arms and back in this cut-out back black halter top. With all the keeping away from junk food, who knows, you could end up pulling her looks off one day.

4. But The Squad’s Foodie Is Best To Cheat With

4. girl squad

Every time the health freak in the group catches you dig into that burger, you can always depend on your foodie friend to come defend you from her wrath. She will have a number of valid excuses why cheese and chocolates are good for you. Also, if there’s a new restaurant in town, she is always game to try it out! She will love this pink and black top that highlights her collar bones while hiding the problem areas (darn those flabby arms!).

5. The Tomboy Protects You

5. girl squad

She might have a tough exterior but if you dig a little deeper there’s a protective person in there who is full of emotions (although she will deny this vehemently!). This girl is never going to let you get hurt because she always has a watchful eye over the squad. She needs something that provides ease of movement for her go-getter attitude. This pair of grey trousers speaks power and strength. It is made for her!

6. The Lost One

6. girl squad

She might be lost deep in though most of the time, but the moment she gets back to reality, she’s got a brilliant idea. We all have one of those friends who have no idea what we’re saying, but then suddenly say something that is the EXACT solution you need! This girl is your philosopher and she needs an outfit that is as dreamy as her thoughts. This flowy blue skirt is right up her alley!

7. The Miss Know-It-All

7. girl squad

This girl has the latest news in town and the lowdown on everyone’s life. She pays attention to the details and makes sure she does her research. She will claim her need to know everything is for pure knowledge purposes of course, nothing to do with how she can’t live without the gossip ;) This fun-to-hangout-with pal loves stretchy fabrics and pretty prints. So while she’s sleuthing around for info, she isn’t restricted in any way. These printed leggings are just perfect.

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