#HeSays: “Dear Girlfriend, Please Don’t Get Mad At Me For This!”

#HeSays: “Dear Girlfriend, Please Don’t Get Mad At Me For This!”
Sure, there are times when we can act slightly stupidly, and we think it's totally valid if you get mad at us in those situations. But there are certain times we wish you would give a little bit of an allowance and not get super mad at us! Here are a few...

1. When we forget something…important

We know it was an idiot move to forget our 3 month anniversary or your best friend's birthday or even that lunch you told us about a week ago. But do you honestly think we did it deliberately? (If you're thinking "yes" in your mind right now, then you're obviously still mad about it.)

2. When we have to cancel plans because of our friends

Not trying to turn the tables or anything, but you ladies aren't the only ones who can have a friend emergency. And just like you, we also hate to leave them alone in a difficult situation.

3. When we're running (a bit!) late!

No, it wasn't because we take too much time to gel our hair. Or even it was because of that, it's not like we ever make a fuss when you makes us wait in the car for 15 minutes because you can't decide on which shoes to wear. Give us the same chance occasionally?

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4. When we say something we didn't really mean

Now, sometimes we don't think it through before saying something. It's true, we accept this. And because of this, we might end up saying something in way that sounds like something we definitely didn't mean to say. Do you get what we're saying?

5. When we get distracted by the match

You don't even realize what we would give to watch the match we've been looking forward to all week with the peace of mind that we won't have to spend an hour after it making something up to you. Even you have some likes that we don't share…but that doesn't mean they're not important to you, right?

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6. When some other girl flirts with us

Repeat: other girl flirts with us. Not our doing, not our fault. And we know how this sounds, but we can't just cut someone off when they're trying to make conversation. That would be extremely rude and you wouldn't do it either. Sure, we don't like it when other guys flirt with you either, but we get mad at the party responsible for starting the flirtation and not anyone else involved. Not with you!

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7. When we don't want to watch the same movie as you

We don't mean that you don't have good taste in movies! We just mean that the two of us don't always need to be in sync. When you feel like going for a horror movie, maybe all we want to do is sit and watch a documentary. Or vice versa!

8. When we're in front of our friends

Now this could apply to all the other points as well, but no matter what we do (unless, of course, it's totally unacceptable) please don't get upset in front of our friends!

9. When we can't talk because...Xbox.

The Xbox takes 110% attention, ladies. There's just no room for distraction. And obviously we don't want to just pretend to be listening when you're talking to us, right? So please don't be mad when we tell you we're in the middle of a game. Calling you will be the first thing we do as soon as it's over!

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10. When we don't "like" your new picture

It's never because we don't actually like the photo. Any photo with you in it has to be beautiful. So it's mostly because we honestly just missed it! We swear!

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