10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Tentwala

10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Tentwala
Wedding décor concepts have changed the whole look and feel of how traditional weddings should be. But before we start drooling over the colourful seating arrangements and quirky centre pieces, we need to get our basics right. Your tentwala can make or break your wedding arrangements, so make sure you ask them ALL these questions to avoid unwanted stress on your big day.

1. The Tent Colour

Won’t it be fashionably wrong to have a neon pink tent in contrast with your gold outfit? Just think of all the pictures that will be ruined just because you didn’t advise your tentwala about your colour combination choices.

questions to ask your tentwala

2. Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

And if at all it chooses to patter down on the very day and hour of your wedding, make sure your tentwala waterproofs the whole tent before you and your guests get drenched and your wedding turns into a crowd of people with scary make up, dipping soaked naan in soup-like dal.  

3. Tent Capacity

Assuming you already have a guest count from both sides, ask your tentwala if the covered area can comfortably accommodate all your guests. You want your tent area to have enough room for guests to walk about without bumping, and spilling drinks and food over each other.

4. Heating/Cooling Arrangements

Depending on the weather, ask for suitable options to maintain the temperature in your tent. Sweaty aunties fanning themselves with their hankies to battle the heat is a big turn off. Nor do you want to hear the chattering teeth of spaghetti-strap-and-saree clad babes in frickin’ cold weather.

5. Type Of Lighting

Unless you want to end up with tacky-looking giant halogen lights, ask your tentwala about lighting options that might be softer, in specific colours matching the décor theme or LED lighting options that up the class quotient of the whole venue and decoration.

questions to ask your tentwala

6. Flooring Options

When your favourite and most expensive pair of heels get screwed because they keep digging into a moist ground, and the soles are totally screwed (sorry, but that’s true) because of the constant friction on an uneven ground. Check covering options like faux grass or hard flooring to save your guests from falling hard on their face and being seriously injured. (True story, girls!)

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7. Inclusions

Be precise to the T when asking your tentwala about the inclusions in the ‘estimate’ he is giving you. Check if they include basics like labour costs, lighting, furniture etc. Plus, ask for a cost break up for the entire ceremony.

8. Setup Time

The décor follows after the tent setup is complete. Know your tent setup time so that your décor team is ready to add a dash of glitz and fun to it.

9. Cancellation Policy

We all know how complicated relationships and marriages can get. Things can take U turn or plans can always get delayed due to some or the other unavoidable reason. It’s always good to know about cancellation and refund policies beforehand in times of such crisis.

questions to ask your tentwala

10. Safety Measures

Ask your tentwala about the kind of frame he is using, how sturdy it is and if the whole setup can withstand wind and rain. Also make sure that the venue is equipped with first aid, fire extinguishers and other safety tools. Better safe than sorry!

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