7 Qualities That Men *Really* Appreciate In A Woman!

7 Qualities That Men *Really* Appreciate In A Woman!
Thanks to being born women, we exude grace. We play many interchangeable roles - and for that we are also appreciated. However, there are a few qualities that the men in our lives really, truly appreciate about us. Here they are!...

1. Multi-tasking skills

We can wake up in the morning, cook a good healthy meal, dress up like a queen, and kick some ass at work - and do this everyday! It takes some skill and a whole lot of willpower to achieve these many things - all at one go.

2. How passionate we are about something...

Every once a while, someone writes about “that twinkle in her eye”. This phenomenon is very real. When we are passionate about something, we put our heart and soul into it. And they say that when we talk about something that really moves us, there’s an undeniable glimmer of hope and excitement that shows in our eyes.

Qualities men appreciate in a woman

3. How we are so fiercely protective of our girlfriends

Great friends rarely come by, and when we find a gem of a person, we make sure that we protect her and love her the way she deserves to be loved. Because these girlfriends aren’t just our friends - they are our sisters as well!

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4. How we love our families so much

No matter where we are and no matter what the situation is, our families will always come first for us. No matter how much we may love someone, nothing and no one will replace our family for us.

Qualities men appreciate in a woman

5. How caring comes naturally to us

It’s not as if we try too hard. When we see a dirty room, we feel like tidying it up a bit. When someone cries, we are always ready to lend a shoulder. They say we grow up to be like our mothers, but that’s not something we are particularly complaining about!

6. How we tend to be so supportive in a relationship

Because what’s the point of being in a relationship if you can’t high-five your man and talk to him of the things that he is passionate about. Right?

Qualities men appreciate in a woman

7. We exist...

We make the world a wonderful place by just existing! We’re not the ones saying this, this is what men do feel! :P

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