‘THIS Is Why I Wear It!’ Team POPxo’s Style Mantras…. Revealed!

‘THIS Is Why I Wear It!’ Team POPxo’s Style Mantras…. Revealed!
What is style? The iconic fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Style is something that defines your personality, something that everyone around you starts identifying and associating with you. There is something unique about how you dress which reveals your choices and your bias towards certain things. So here, some of our team members share what they just cannot get enough of - especially when it comes to their personal style!

1. Priyanka’s Closet Full Of Shoes!

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Priyanka Gill, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

“I love shoes, especially heels! The higher, the better. They elevate (literally) even the simplest of outfits. My everyday go-to is a pair of distressed denims, with a simple tee and high heels. I am always on the lookout for super comfy ones - my current obsession is block heels."

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2. Apurva Can Pretty Much Live In These Skirts!

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Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer

“If I had to pick a fashion item that I cannot enough of, it would definitely be a skirt. I love the comfort and versatility of skirts and the way they can be feminine yet bold at the same time. You can dress them up or dress them down with no effort - you can go retro to ultra-modern, and from grunge to glam. I am pretty sure I'll be wearing skirts till I'm old and grey!”

3. Cherry And Her Million Sunglasses!

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Cherry Jain, Video Coordinator

“When I think of accessories, it’s not just about jewellery, hats, or bags. For me, it’s so much about sunglasses! They’re my favourite fashion accessory because they can spice up even the most ordinary day-to-day clothing. I love how different sunglasses can build an entire look - anything from geek to rock chic. With the right pair of sunglasses, I can experiment freely and be anyone I want to.”

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4. Komal’s Eye-Catching Stripes!

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Komal Pandey, Video Coordinator

“Nothing is more simple, basic, functional or stylish than stripes. Though I have a completely unconventional sense of style, the trend of stripes is this one conventional trend that has got me committed for a very long time! Wear them with pop colours, pastels or prints - you will definitely stand out. I include stripes in my accessories, bags, shoes, clothes - pretty much everything!”

5. Avisha And Her Darling Ethnic Earrings!

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Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator

“Ethnic earrings, especially silver jewellery, makes me go weak in my knees! My love affair with them started out of a need to wear something on my ears since I usually tie my hair up - but then, they became an important part of my personality. I love to experiment with different styles and sizes, depending on what my outfit for the day is. People always think that the only way to wear ethnic jewellery is with Indian wear, but I like to team up my earrings with jeans and tops as well, for a fusion look! My all-time favourite look is a pair of faded denims with a white shirt teamed up with silver jhumkis and punjabi juttis!"

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6. Kritika’s Statement Necklaces!

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Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

“I started experimenting with different types of necklaces to upcycle my old outfits and give them a brand new look. Also, because I have short hair, I like to highlight my neck, and thus the immense love for neckpieces. I have more necklaces than clothes, I think! :P
Everytime I go shopping, I go gaga over neckpieces and especially, a bold one! It’s clearly what defines my style.”

7. Gopika’s Love For The Color Black Is Abundant!

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Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour. That is pretty much my answer to everyone who asks me why I sport the “color” so much! Black is much more than just a color - it is basically my source of confidence. Wearing something in black automatically makes me feel a little bit bolder, a bit more sure about everything. Plus, you can never go wrong with the color. There is SO much you can do with it, and one thing which you need to know is that it’ll never make you look OTT! And as it’s truly been said, women who wear black lead colorful lives! ;)"

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8. Sharon’s Endless Fondness For Sneakers!

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Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer

“I’ve always been a huge fan of wearing sneakers. It started with Converse first, and then it moved on to subtle-printed ones. I love them because they’re comfy, classy, and compliment both - my personality and my style. No matter what you wear them with - dresses, skirts or denims - these babies will always make you look fabulous.”

9. Simar In Her Cropped Tops!

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Simar Rana, Lifestyle Editor

“Although crop tops haven't been around forever, I fell in love with this trend as soon as I realised that it was an actual thing! I had, of course, seen Monica and Rachel from Friends wear crop tops, but I thought it was a thing of the 90s and was no more in vogue. But then, I saw a few people wearing them while I was in college - and then there was just no stopping me! I bought as many crop tops as I possibly could, and played around with them and styled them in different ways. I still do. I style them with pants, basic jeans, and skirts. It's something that always seems to work for me and adds a bit of an edge to any boring outfit.”

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10. Divya’s Crazy Collection Of Phone Covers!

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Divya Sharma, Trending Editor

“I’m crazy about phone covers. And not just normal, slightly sane ones that you use to protect your phone, but loud and zany ones that people totally stare at when they see me on the phone. They’re my favorite accessory! It’s also the reason why I got an iPhone in the first place - they have the maximum options when it comes to covers. Everyone in office has kind of started expecting totally whacky watermelon-y type of covers every week though - so I’m working on how to up my game again now.”