#PillowTalk: 7 Things You’ll Get If You Looooove Sleeping!

#PillowTalk: 7 Things You’ll Get If You Looooove Sleeping!
If you’re asked to define love in one word and you say “sleep”. If your devotion to the art of sleeping is never ending. If you’re often invited for sleepovers because you’re not fussy about where you sleep…then here is a list of things you will definitely relate to!

1. All you think about is sleep…

That’s right. Sleep is constantly on your mind. Whether you’re working, running or just lying down - your unwavering thoughts are always with sleep.

2. Alarm Vs. Sleep

The morning alarm doesn’t stand a chance against your will to sleep!

3. You work hard for your well-earned sleep!

You might love sleeping more than anything else in the world, but you also cannot stand being called lazy! So you work hard and give a hundred percent to everything you do. Even on your period days, you don’t let anything stop you. And with Sofy Overnight sanitary napkins with  wider hip guards, you get uninterrupted sleep after a hard day’s work!

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4. You can sleep literally anywhere…

When I say anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE. People often wonder how you are able to sleep anywhere without hesitation, especially when you’re on your period. Your secret weapon - Sofy Overnight pads, of course! Offering India’s longest napkin with a unique wider hip guard, it keeps you comfortable and confident, giving you peaceful, uninterrupted sleep no matter where you choose to rest! Check out this video from Sofy for more sleep inspiration. :P
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5. You’re not allowed to drive on overnight journeys

You may be a skilled driver, but you are strictly forbidden from driving on overnight journeys...for obvious reasons! And you don’t mind it one bit. You love sleeping in the back seat without any disturbance.


6. You’re a deep sleeper

It would take a very large siren to wake you up in the middle of the night! You fall prey to face painting and embarrassing pictures a lot of the time, but you don’t really care.

7. Bedtime is the best time

Whether you’ve had a super lazy day or the most productive day ever, bedtime is something you’re always looking forward to! The idea of getting seven to eight hours of wondrous sleep at night keeps you motivated throughout the day!

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