The ONLY Hacks You Need For Perfect Nails!

The ONLY Hacks You Need For Perfect Nails!
Not everyone of us is an artist, especially when it comes to painting our nails! We can sometimes just get SO clumsy and messy when we have to sit down and paint our nails. But no fear, we’re here! Just follow these steps to try out some awesome nail hacks to get flawless nails at home!

What you will need: Perfume, cotton balls, clear polish, ice cold water, nail paint remover, eye shadow applicator.

Difficulty level: As easy as applying lip balm!

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1. Use perfume as a nail paint remover

You can use any perfume of yours and spray it on a cotton ball and use it as nail paint remover!

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2. Use clear polish to remove the nail paint...

You can even apply a coat of clear nail polish to get rid of the previous nail paint on your finger nails.

3. Use ice water to dry your nail paint faster

Once you have painted your nails, you can dip them in ice cold water to dry them faster.

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4. Nail polish remover for cleaner nails

Apply nail polish remover on your nails to remove all the previous nail paint. It also makes the application of nail paint smoother.

5. Use an eye shadow applicator

We don’t all have a makeup sponge! That’s when you can dip an eyeshadow applicator into sheer nail paint to make your nails look more beautiful.

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These are the nail hacks every girl should know when applying nail paint!

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