8 Myths About What Men Really Want In Bed!

8 Myths About What Men Really Want In Bed!
There’s never any dearth of advice and suggestions floating around on how to make one’s sex life more spicy and sexy. But in the middle of all this well-meaning advice, quite a few myths get rotated around as well! So here’s clearing up 8 myths about what men really want in bed.

Myth 1. Men always, without fail, want sex if they’re with a woman.

Men love sex, yes (women do too!). But that doesn’t mean that that’s all they want when they’re in bed with a woman, every single time. Truth be told, they look forward to watching movies, eating and talking just as much… And if that culminates in sex, well, that’s just fine!

Myth 2. They always want to be dominant and in control in the bedroom

Believe us, ladies, your man is dying to surrender to you in the bedroom at least occasionally. He might like to take charge sometimes, but he would like nothing better than for you to take charge and lead the act once in a while too.

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Myth 3. They want their space post sex - no cuddling!

They could be tired post sex and might lie flat on the bed, exhausted, for a while. But they like to cuddle too! What’s not to like, really? Although, cuddling all night gets a bit uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like it.

Myth 4. They only focus on their own pleasure - no favours returned!

We’re all a bit greedy in bed, aren’t we? But it’s pure myth that men want women to help them do the “deed” and just end it there, without caring about the needs of their partner. Most men actually do care a lot about their partner’s pleasure. They love being able to satisfy their women, and actually take pride in it.

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Myth 5. They want the “least” emotional connect during the act.

When does sex with the same person every time actually get interesting? When feelings are involved. Think about it - making love to someone when you are in love with them...shouldn’t that be a more heightened and meaningful experience? And no, it’s not just for women, it’s the same for men too. According to research, most men prefer sex with a long term partner rather than having one night stands.

Myth 6. They want a woman with a modelesque figure, waxed to the last hair of her body...

Sure, men appreciate if you prep yourself for them, just like we appreciate when they make that extra effort to look good for us. But you know what - it’s you that they want! Your curves and everything else about you intact - yes, even the hair is fine!

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Myth 7. They want women to be challenging, daring, and willing to try new things in bed.

It depends from person to person, really. Just like some men are more adventurous in life and others like to keep it simple, same goes for their preferences in bed too. Plus, everyone has a different upper bracket when it comes to how far they are willing to “experiment” in bed.

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Myth 8. They lose interest if a woman makes them wait for sex...

Yeah, they probably would, if that’s all that they were looking for in the company of a woman. But if they are looking for more, and genuinely like a girl, most of them would be willing to wait for her to get comfortable before they have sex. And the wait does fuel the imagination and heighten anticipation - so it only gets better, not worse!

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