9 Myths About Men We’ve All Believed At Some Point!

9 Myths About Men We’ve All Believed At Some Point!
So how do myths even come into being? They are far more scandalous than the simple truths of life, for one. But now that we’ve had our share of fun, let’s bust a few of them and make all our lives simpler, shall we? Here are 9 myths about men you might have believed too!

Myth 1: Men aren’t emotional

This myth has been around for so long that it’ll need a lot of convincing to bust. Here we go. Ladies, men are as emotional as you are, it’s just that they have been conditioned into behaving in a “manly” and tough manner all the time and not letting their emotions be known. And having being trained in doing this over so many years - they find it difficult to express the emotions they feel as effectively as you do.

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Myth 2: The size of their penis is directly proportional to the size of their feet

Sorry to disappoint, but no such way of guessing his “size” exists. This myth is just one of those old wives’ tales that caught on only because it sounded so much fun - but it holds no truth.

Myth 3: Bigger penis = better sex

The penis size does not really matter when it comes to penetration, ‘coz there’s only so deep into the vagina that you actually feel anything. And yet so many of us still think that, well, bigger is better. The truth, however, is that most men have an average sized penis that does the job just as well as a bigger version would. So, fret not.

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Myth 4: How a woman looks matters to men more than anything else

Well, appearances do matter. But here’s the thing about them - they don’t last forever. When people fall in love, they fall for the soul, and not the body shape or color it’s dressed in. And even though men appreciate beauty, and sometimes even chase after it, what always lasts is the beauty within.

Myth 5: They prefer one night stands to sex in a regular relationship.

We know, we know. Popular opinion is against this, for there seem to be so many men out there who are only looking for sex. But research has proven that men too prefer making love to the woman they’re in love with rather than someone they would probably never see again.

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Myth 6: What’s on their mind? Sex, sex and some more sex…

It’s weird how we have stereotyped the male and female species into those who love to chase after sex, and those who love being chased for it. How absurd, since ALL of us enjoy sex as much as we enjoy doing other things in a relationship - exchanging ideas, talking, eating out. Having said that - younger men do tend to think of sex much more than older men do, but that’s just their raging hormones taking over.

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Myth 7: Men don’t have a biological clock.

You’d think only women feel the pressure to battle against age, and raise a family before they hit forty - but turns out, the same concerns grip men too. Yup, according to research, a man’s age also affects his ability to father healthy children.

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Myth 8: Men don’t gossip!

Oh, how wrong. We think this myth was probably propagated by some men who were super concerned about preserving their “macho” image - and to that end tried to suppress the fact that men also indulge in the act of gossiping. But hey, gossiping is healthy, and what’s better is that everyone does it. It’s just an act of exchanging news, guys.

Myth 9: Men can’t keep a home clean or bring up children as well as women.

Society divided up roles for men and women - and while the home became the woman’s area, the world beyond fell into the share of men. And even though this tradition continues, it’s not true that the opposite sex cannot take the other’s role and do it just as well. Just like we women are pretty awesome at our jobs, men can be great cooks, fathers and homemakers too. Give them a break, yeah? Give them a chance.

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