#MyStory: I Hadn’t Expected To Find Myself Pregnant…

#MyStory: I Hadn’t Expected To Find Myself Pregnant…
They say good things come to those who wait. And that was the advice that I was following.  I was planning on waiting until I was a well-established 30-something, with a dream job under my belt, until I started my family. But, as the other old saying goes: "Humans plan, and God laughs!" So, last year I found myself, 24 years old and still waiting on that dream job to present itself.

Not exactly a good time to get pregnant, but it happened anyway. I found out about two months into the pregnancy and was in disbelief for about a day. Of course, I contemplated my "options" but decided that at 24, and as an adult who has been sexually active for enough time, I could handle the consequences.

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I prepared myself to tell my boyfriend that I was expecting. I didn't know how he would react, we had only been dating for six months at the time - though things had been going fantastic and our families had already met one another...talks were already on. Still, though, this isn't exactly something that qualifies as a half a year anniversary gift!  To my surprise - and to his testament of character - he was very supportive and actually excited! His parents felt the same way when they found out and were incredibly excited about the fact that a little baby would be finding its way into their home sooner than expected!

Now...for the daunting task of telling MY parents. First I told my sister. We're very, very close and I felt that telling her first was the right thing to do. It definitely was - she sat my parents down and explained that I had something to tell them. I broke down in tears, mainly out of shock at having to explain this situation out loud to the people who had brought me up. Although disappointed in me, they were supportive as well. Maybe my dad more so than my mum, but I took what I could get. And I had to admit - things were going pretty well so far.

I'm not sure what my family thought exactly, but I was certainly trying to put on a brave face for them and especially for my boyfriend... I was completely petrified, though. This wasn't suppose to happen and I had a very hard time accepting it at the beginning. In fact, even when others started to voice their excitement and acceptance of the situation, it still took me quite a while to become excited for myself, for my future baby and for the change that was to come.

I thought the surprises were over, but one day after I returned home from work my boyfriend proposed!! Not because of the baby but because we really did find soul mates in each other. And although this added to the chaos, it gave me a calming feeling. I felt even more confident about having a great partner by my side to help me through this.

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The first day I felt my baby move was a big reality check for me, and finding out it was going to be a baby boy really made it real. It was happening whether I was prepared or not. I was going to be a mother.  I was going to have a son.

Around the seventh month mark, about a week after my baby shower - I woke up one morning feeling a bit off. I had been feeling a little bit unwell since the night before. Nothing very serious, just a little off. I had to go into work but decided to stop by the doctors first, just to make sure everything was okay (and if it got me out of work for a little bit that be fine too!).

The nurse put me in a hospital gown and I had some sensors attached to my stomach to monitor the baby's heart rate and see what the situation was. She attached another set of sensors as well to check on the contractions. "Contractions??" I thought, confused.  I didn't see the need to measure any contractions because I didn't feel any of those. Aren't you suppose to be in pain? You know the screaming and the cursing at everyone in sight?

The baby's heart rate was fine and everything was checking out, the contraction sensor wasn't picking up much and the nurse informed me that it could just be cramps due to the fact that my stomach was expanding. She was about to send me on my way when she decided to give me a pelvic exam "just to be on the safe side".

And then her eyes got wide and she looked at me in shock: "You are halfway dilated." I looked at her with the same expression. She nervously got up and as she was walking to the door she let me know she was going to get the doctor. "Call your family and call the father because this baby is coming today." Two months early, this was actually happening.

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The doctor further examined the situation to find that on top of everything my little boy had decided to try and make his way into this world breech!! Yup, butt first! That meant having to call an ambulance to take me to a hospital down the road that could better deal with this sort of a situation. I was rushed to a hospital that had a good NICU team.

I remember being wheeled into a bright white operating room and sitting on the operating table. Doctors and nurses were busily prepping for my emergency C-section. I cupped my belly and whispered, "Here we go, my baby." Although I hadn't really "talked" to my son my whole pregnancy, it was almost automatic because at that point we were in it together and would be meeting each other very soon.

After a month long NICU stay, I can happily tell you he is healthy and he is beautiful. He is the light of my world and makes all the cliches I've heard about love and children true! He makes everything worthwhile. So here I am, 24, with a wonderful fiancé and an angel of a son. I had stumbled into a family I had no idea how I lived without. I have come so far. I know people say good things come to those who wait, but the BEST things come when you least expect it!

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