#MyStory: How I Found Love In The Most Unexpected Way!

#MyStory: How I Found Love In The Most Unexpected Way!
We first met on Christmas Eve - one of those usual boring evenings turned out to be a rather memorable night for me. My roommate and I were home talking about how unlucky we were to be spending the night sitting at home while most of our friends were out partying, when our third roomie, Smita, barged into the room and announced, “Girls, get ready. My friend is coming to pick us, we will go to the church.” I was comfy in my PJs and not really keen on going out, but they convinced me, so we all got ready in 10 minutes.

When Smita’s friend Amit arrived, I just went downstairs and sat in the backseat of his car without even looking at him properly. It was only while we were going back home from the church, after the Midnight Mass, that we actually spoke to each other. When a song that I really like came on the car radio, he mentioned that it was his favourite song, and so the ice was broken between us.

The night became more interesting as we decided to have a party at our flat. After a couple of hours of partying, my roommates went to sleep and it was just Amit and me in the room. The amazing thing was that though we two were alone together for the first time, there was no awkwardness. We drank and talked till six in the morning. I think it was during those hours that we both fell for each other.

 the best New Year party

When he left, he didn’t even ask my for number; he left saying a simple goodbye, with a gorgeous smile on his face. I felt like I was on top of the world. Something in me had changed that night. That morning, after he left, I didn’t know if I would ever meet him again, but I was still so happy.

However, when things are meant to happen…

Exactly a week after, it was New Year’s Eve and we had a party at our place. We had invited a lot of our friends and we were all having a gala time. I heard the bell ring and went to open the door...and guess who it was! It was Amit. He was standing there, with that breathtaking smile of his. That charming face of his made my heart skip a beat. We danced together most of the night.

And at the end of the midnight countdown, I welcomed the New Year with the best kiss of my life. I knew then and there that he was the one for me.

We have been dating ever since. And despite all the ups and downs, our love remains as strong as ever. We are getting married this year, and I feel like I am the luckiest woman on this earth because I found love when I wasn’t even looking for it.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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