#MyStory: I Pranked My Guy... And Discovered Something Amazing!

#MyStory: I Pranked My Guy... And Discovered Something Amazing!
I have been in love with Harsh for four years; we both went to the same college. After graduation, we shifted to Delhi to pursue our careers and things changed between us. Harsh was super focused on his career and I started feeling insecure. I often wondered if he was ignoring me on purpose. I didn’t tell him that I was feeling this way - I didn’t want any tension between us. But then I was missing the way he would pamper me during our college days. I often thought our relationship was losing its spark.

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I have been following POPxo for a long time and one day I saw this tutorial - “Two Easy Ways To Fake A Super Cute Bob” - and an idea came to my mind. Harsh really liked my hair and would always tell me to never cut it short. So, I thought that if I try out a fake bob just like in the tutorial and make him believe that it was real, I would get his full attention. I was sure he would freak out, and then I could meet him over the weekend to tell him how I’d made a fool of him!

With the help of my friends I created the bob, and it looked amazingly real. Then I called him and told him how I went for a haircut and the stylist cut my hair short. I pretended to be crying while talking to him.

"You're lying, right?" was his immediate response.

"No," I said and sent him a photo of mine with that super cute (fake) bob!

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He disconnected the call immediately...and now it was me who started freaking out. I didn't want to make him this angry! I tried calling him so that I could tell him that I was kidding, but he wouldn’t answer his phone. After 15 minutes he called me and said, “Come out! I'm standing outside your PG!" It was almost 11 at night and he’d come all the way to my PG! Now I was sure he was angry as hell.

But when I reached there, he was smiling, and to my surprise holding a rose in his hands. As soon as I met him he said, "Please don't cry! Your hair looks amazing. And no matter what, you're the most beautiful girl in the entire world! Just don't cry please!" Then he handed me the rose.

I consider it the most beautiful (and the filmiest) moment of my life. That night, I realized that just because he was focused on his career, didn't mean he had stopped loving me. Also, I understood that your relationship might not always be in the honeymoon phase, but if your guy truly loves you, he will love you for who you are not for how you look...and he will be there for you always!

P.S.: The next Sunday when we met, it was his turn to get a surprise when he saw that my hair hadn’t actually changed. And the look on his face was worth all the trouble! ;)

* Names changed to protect privacy

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