Why Poo Was A MUCH Better Feminist Than Kia! | POPxo
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Why Poo Was A MUCH Better Feminist Than Kia!

Why Poo Was A MUCH Better Feminist Than Kia!

Many of us were still in school when Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham had released. And seeing Poo, with that fiery personality and so much glamour, left quite an impression on many of us. Even today, we can easily recall some of the things she did and said in that movie! Not just because the character was played by Kareena Kapoor. No, it was definitely because of the self-esteem boost we got when we tried to be like her! And then came Ki & Ka - which was supposed to be another such movie that would make us girls feel awesome about being girls. Well, here's why we think Poo from K3G was a MUCH better feminist that Kia From Ki & Ka! (Major spoilers ahead!) 
1. Poo taught us to love our every aspect and feature. And that it's okay to love yourself a bit too much! poo and kia 2. While Kia tried to teach us that whoever wears the heels basically gets letched at. poo and kia 3. Poo taught us how to say "no" to guys who don't interest us. In many creative ways! poo and kia 4. While Kia tried to teach us that resorting to violence while having a fight is totally okay. poo and kia pink banner 5. Poo taught us not to take the blame for the things that other people are doing wrong. poo and kia 6. While Kia basically tried to teach us that if men expect women to follow age old customs, then it's okay for women to expect men to conform to stereotypes too. poo and kia 7. Poo taught us to be a strong and confident woman who deserves the best!
poo and kia 8. While Kia tried to teach us that if a man wants to be a homemaker, he should be called a "wife". poo and kia 9. Also Poo taught that one can literally carry off anything, if they believe in themselves! poo and kia 10. While Kia tried to teach us that if the woman is the bread earner then the man needs to be the roti maker. poo and kia 11. Poo taught us that a woman can have many different shades. poo and kia 12. While Kia tried to teach us that women can't have it all - if they want a career, they can't focus on having a family. poo and kia
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Published on Apr 12, 2016
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