9 Kurta Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look Bulky!

9 Kurta Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look Bulky!
All of us desi girls love wearing kurtas and we’ve all developed a certain style that is our favorite when it comes to this ethnic attire. From an anarkali to a straight fit, there are a variety of kurtas to choose from. We often go by the overall look of the kurta and forget that if we pick the right style, it’ll not only look pretty, but also make us look slimmer and flatter our frame. Here are some kurta mistakes we might be making that make us look bulkier - so avoid them!

1. Watch Out For The Clingy Fabrics!

Fabrics such as jersey, lycra or any type of knit cling to the body and accentuate any areas that we might not want highlighter. So if you are going for a slimmer look, then stay away from the clingy fabrics!

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2. Short Kurta + Leggings = No!

We’ve all seen people wear short kurtas (the ones that are above knees, around mig-thigh) with knitted leggings and felt that it looks a bit awkward. Basically, by wearing this combination, you look a bit square. With the hemlines extending beyond the line of the hip and your legs being super defined, all the attention goes towards the upper half of the body, thus making you look bigger.

3. Tippy-Tippy-Top, What Color Do You Want?

Yes, we are not suggesting that you only wear dark colors, but if your aim is to look slimmer, then you’ve got to avoid wearing solid colors like yellow, red, royal blue and the like. When wearing bright colors, pick the ones that have some print on it. An anarkali in canary yellow with white floral print on it can look pretty, but make sure that you pick the right one! Also, wearing the same colored bottoms will nullify any potential bulkiness.

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4. The Fabric Is Too Stiff!

Planning to wear a crisp starched cotton kurta or maybe a tussar silk one? Whatever the choice is, if the fabric is the one that is stiff on the body, it will then create lines on the body that will make you look wider than what your actual frame is. These are the ones to be most careful about!

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5. Small Or Extra-Small?

Choosing the right size is very crucial to how it’s going to sit on your body. Something that is loose will always make you look heavier. At the same time, something that is too tight will show your shape a little too much...So if you are picking kurtas off-the-shelf, make sure they are altered to your size exactly!

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6. What Does The Sleeve Look Like?

The sleeves play a magical role when it comes to looking slimmer - no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing. Cap sleeves generally work well for someone with thin arms. A normal arm sleeve length that is not properly fitted, however, makes your arms look broader than they are. A fitted sleeve is always the best option!

7. The Cut That Suits Your Body Type!

It’s imperative that you choose something that suits your body type! Someone with a bigger bust should go for something more flowy - asymmetrical hemlines work best, and empire lines can be avoided. Someone with bigger hips should go for an anarkali. A girl with broad shoulders should go stay away from anything that is too covered around the neck and shoulders.

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8. Frills And Folds Need To Be Kept Aside!

Anything that looks exaggerated and adds bulk to your frame needs to be skipped. Frills, unnecessary gathers and pleats make the overall look seem larger than it is - so it’s best to go for cleaner details to avoid looking bulky. For someone who is top-heavy, make sure you pick kurtas that have more interesting details on the hemline. The opposite applies to anyone who is bottom-heavy.

9. The Bra Needs To Be Even Better!

Wearing the right kind of bra is most vital for any type of clothing. When wearing a kurta, stay away from push-up bras and pointed cups, since they pull the kurta up from its natural hemline. Go for light padding when you are wearing an anarkali - it gives a nice shape to the breasts.

9 Kurta mistakes bulkier

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