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#FashionDiaries: I Wore A Stick-On Bra, But It Did NOT Stick!

#FashionDiaries: I Wore A Stick-On Bra, But It Did NOT Stick!
It was March - a month before my wedding - and a bachelorette was in order. My friends were planning a weekend getaway so that it was easy and convenient for everybody. But I had something else in mind. I wanted to take a break far away from the city with my best girlfriends. What with all the wedding prep and extra work at office at the time, I wanted to just sit back and relax on the beach. I just happened to mention this idea to my friends about flying down to Goa for the weekend. I’d thought everyone would say no. But to my surprise, everyone seemed available and willing to do this trip. OMG! It was going to be amazing, I thought.

So we started making plans about what to wear, where to stay, and how to celebrate in Goa! We were seven girls and we were all very very excited, of course. I was going all out buying bikinis and tiny rompers. This trip was going to be a lot of “firsts” - my first bikini, my first all-girls trip, and my first stick-on bra. Yes, you read that right!

Internal Stick on bra

My friend is a designer and she had made me this pretty backless dress so that I could dress up all sexily on the bachelorette night and, of course, a stick-on bra had to be worn. I have always found the idea of wearing a stick-on bra very confusing. I mean how can something stay put on one’s breasts without any fastenings? But I had lost a bit of weight and my boob size had decreased and that’s the only reason I decided to give this a shot.

I did a bit of research and went on my own to buy a silicone bra. After chatting with the saleswoman about the dos and don’ts, I was convinced into buying this pair which was nicely packaged with tonnes of instructions and cost me a bomb. I was like, WOAH! But then again, a bachelorette only happens once, so I thought I might as well.

When the weekend arrived, we set out for the trip. It was all going really smooth. We’d been to the beaches, the shacks, the diners, and on Saturday night, we had decided to go to this club. I wore the stick-on bra and put on my dress over it. But the bra just wouldn’t stick well. I had followed each and every instruction carefully, but it just wouldn’t stay! However, I was really reluctant to abandon the fitted dress which my friend had made so lovingly. I told myself that I’d manage to get through the night - so we set out.

After doing a few quick shots, I got into a lift with one of my friends to leave for the club. There were two men in front us. We were all rushing and the rest of the girls were waiting in the car. Just then, while I was checking myself out in the elevator mirrors, one of the men stepped on my dress accidentally. I randomly moved to the side and OH MY GOD! My dress slipped down to my waist, along with that good-for-nothing bra. I mean, it was as if somebody just pulled it off my torso - it slipped off that easily!

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My friend gasped in horror and quickly came forward and fixed my clothes. With the alcohol in my system, this scene seemed unreal. Like, did my clothes just fall off in public?!

Luckily for me, the said man was facing the other way and he couldn’t really see what was going on behind him. By this point, my friend had completely covered me. So thankfully, I survived this horrible wardrobe malfunction without much embarrassment. I think it was a blessing in disguise that it happened right at the beginning of the evening we were so looking forward to having! I went upstairs and slipped into another dress, which I had packed, just in case…

Eventually, the night turned out just fine - without my hands constantly going up to pull my dress to keep it in its place. Or worrying over whether my bra was going to slip off me again!

I even thought of suing the manufacturers of the stick-on bra, but eventually I just decided to count my blessings instead and let it go. But, as a conclusion, I don’t think I’d like to experiment with my bras again! :P

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