#FashionDiaries: How My Full-Zipper Dress Failed Me!

#FashionDiaries: How My Full-Zipper Dress Failed Me!
It was my birthday eve and I was a hosting a party at my boyfriend’s house. I had just returned from a trip to the USA and was very proud of all the shopping I had done. Most of all, I was super excited to wear this blue dress that I had bought especially for the occasion. It was a deep shade of royal blue in a beautiful flowy material, and it had ruffles and one zipper that ran from top to bottom at the front to keep the dress in its place.

As kinky as it sounds, it was super easy to put on and take off - so I pretty much loved the dress.

The evening was great! I was wearing heels which quickly came off since we had had enough shots and were dancing a lot. It was all going very smooth. My boyfriend and I had been so busy organizing the party that he hadn’t even glanced at what I was wearing. And I thought, if he couldn’t even pay me a compliment for this amazing dress, all the effort I had put into getting ready had gone down the drain! :p So even as the evening began, my boyfriend didn’t get any naughty ideas, like I had expected him to. We were both just socializing with the rest of the guests.

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When the party was in full swing, we both were in his room for different reasons. I was there to use the washroom and he was taking some cash out from his wallet which was inside the cupboard. Just then, we had a moment. He pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear “You are looking so beautiful.” And I just blushed and pulled away. But what happened after that was so hot! He pulled me even closer and just unzipped my dress all the way to the bottom! The door was ajar and everyone outside could have seen us inside. I hadn’t really bothered shutting the door, because I clearly hadn’t been expecting this. And just then, someone walked in!

wearing a dress with a zipper

I went blank, completely blank! I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. But what happened after that took me by surprise, again! My boyfriend acted like a magician at this point. Within the fraction of a second, he caught my gaze, and all the while looking deeply into my eyes, he zipped my dress back up so smoothly, that I was just left SO impressed! The girl who had walked in had absolutely no idea why I had that surprised expression on my face and the only thing she said was, “Aww, you both are so adorable together!” I just smiled at this girl. And my boyfriend then turned me around - all zipped up - and we walked out of the room together, ready to party the night away.

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I was so turned on by the end of this startling episode that I was uncomfortable the whole night. Well, just until everyone went home and it was only me and boyfriend left alone. ;)

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