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6 Tricks To Style Your Hair On Days When It Just Won’t Behave!

6 Tricks To Style Your Hair On Days When It Just Won’t Behave!
Bad hair days – we all are familiar with the term, and it has a certain degree of irritation and disillusionment attached to it. Sure, there are days you magically wake up to hair that looks quite decent with minimum effort, but what about the days you don’t? Here’s where we step in for you. Take a look at some simple things you can do to look glam on those days when your hair just won’t behave…

1. Dry shampoo to the rescue

how to style unmanageable hair

The primary use of dry shampoo is to soak up the oiliness of hair on days when you have no time or patience to shampoo it. Another great use of the product is to add texture to your tresses. On days when you don’t have blessings from the hair gods, it’s dry shampoo that can come to your rescue. Hair becomes fresher, tame and more manageable after spritzing it and can be styled much more easily.

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2. Braids behave

how to style unmanageable hair

To hide unruly hair in a cutesy side braid is both easy and stylish. Avoid using a hairbrush or comb – instead, run your fingers through your hair, create a side parting, and then make a loose side braid. Tugging at the braid from either side makes it appear more voluminous and attractive. Also, unwashed hair holds braids much better. To make it look effortlessly stylish, pull out small bits of your hair from the sides, above your ears, and let them fall loosely.

3. Bun-tastic

how to style unmanageable hair

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Tucking all those unruly strands of hair in a bun is probably the easiest way of tackling a bad hair day. Using dry shampoo before you start to style your hair makes the process easier. Tease your crown for some volume on top if you don’t want it to look too slick. You can use a rubber band and make a high or a low bun, whichever you like. Let a few strands loose or use a hairband to give it a stylish twist - and no one will ever know you’re having a less-than-fabulous hair day.

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4. Pin-up girl

how to style unmanageable hair

Another hairdo that can be resorted to on a day when your hair won’t be merciful towards you is the pin-up. Messy, unruly hair can be twisted from the front, and pinned up, piece by piece. The hair left hanging can be kept as it is, or tied into a ponytail or even be tied up in a bun. Do not fret over using too many pins, because on a day like this, there is nothing like too many pins. Every unmanageable hair strand can actually be put in place, and pinned up to secure it.

5. Rock the band

how to style unmanageable hair

Hair bands come in different designs and can add a lot of style and drama to your look on a bad hair day. Be it a printed one, or one with a dramatic flower on one side, or a bow – they look cute and truly add to your look of the day. A pretty hairband will take away from the unruliness of your hair, ladies! Ensure not to push your hair back too tightly with the headband, as that tends to damage the roots. Push your the band back and then pull it slightly closer to your forehead to give it a slight bump. This will give your hair a fuller, healthier look.

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6. Scarfs up

how to style unmanageable hair

And when all else fails – just cover it up, ladies! There are scarves with floral prints, checks, colourful splashes, tassels, and there are cotton ones, and silk ones, and satin ones, and even khaadi ones – a myriad of stylish scarves to choose from. Pair these up with a cool pair of sunglasses and you’re set for the runway too! You can simply cover that head and tie the scarf at the bottom, or you can even make a pretty bow on top or on the side of your head. Time to go scarf shopping!

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