Top Tips For Styling A Maxi Skirts For *Your* Figure!

Top Tips For Styling A Maxi Skirts For *Your* Figure!

With the whole boho vibe pulling on, maxi outfits are so in trend right now. That’s one reason to give maxi skirts a try. The other, sharper reason is that they are comfortable, flowy, easy to wear and work with literally anybody type - all you need to do is just style it right. 

Maxi Skirt For Every Body Type

1. Petite Girls, Go Monochrome!

1- style a maxi skirt for every body type

Don’t be scared of trying a maxi skirt just because you’re short! But if you’re a short or petite girl, going monochrome is a great idea when wearing a maxi skirt. The fewer colours you have in your dress, the fewer distractions will be there in your look, which can otherwise become chaotic. Monochrome palettes, on the other hand, will actually make you appear taller!

2. Curvy Babes, Show Off Your Body

2- style a maxi skirt for every body type

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

If you’re a curvy girl, it’s a good idea to style your maxi skirt with an off-the-shoulder top. This way, like Sonakshi here, you’ll be checking off two trends in one look too! An off-the-shoulder top will do a great job of showing off your curves, and at balancing the coverage provided by your skirt with some tasteful skin show. So what’re you waiting for? Don the maxi skirt and rock your curvy bod!

3. If You Have A Broad Waist, A Tucked-In Shirt

3- style a maxi skirt for every body type

For broader-waisted girls who think that wearing a maxi skirt will only exaggerate their waist, a well-fitted shirt is a great solution. A shirt offers a silhouette which won’t actually hide your waistline (there’s nothing to be embarrassed about having a broader waist, girls!), but will rather contour your torso to define it better against your maxi skirt. Tuck your shirt in and you also have a well-defined waistline.

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4. Don A Crop Top When You’Re Bottom Heavy

4- style a maxi skirt for every body type

Image: Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram

There are many girls with heavy bottoms among us… It’s really a common body type in the Indian subcontinent, but not a lot of western clothes are designed keeping this body type in mind. So styling it right becomes a really important thing to do when wearing western clothes. A maxi skirt proportions your bottom, a crop top shows off your waist. Worn together, they will create a really flattering silhouette for your body.

5. If You Have A Fuller Tummy, Go High-Waisted!

5- style a maxi skirt for every body type

Image: Huma Qureshi on Instagram

There’s no shame in having a fuller tummy - bodies come in all shapes and sizes and each one should be celebrated. While styling a maxi skirt for such body type, you can pick a high waistline. This will look nice because the loose maxi skirt fabric will flow over the front of your body, creating some well-defined lines which will balance out your tummy curves.

6. Chunky Belts Are Your Friends If You’Re Tall!

6- style a maxi skirt for every body type(2)

If you’re a tall girl looking to style a maxi skirt, do consider adding a chunky belt into your look. An accessory like not only looks fashionable but also balances out your height by drawing focus on your body laterally, thus making you look not too lanky in a maxi.

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7. If Your Legs Are Shorter, Go For Looong

7- style a maxi skirt for every body type

People are always afraid that a fully-covered garment like a maxi skirt will actually make them look even shorter. This is really a myth - actually it all depends on your styling. And if you’re not someone with miles of legs, but still want to give that illusion, you actually should consider a maxi skirt which goes long-long-long, sweeping the floor, even covering your feet! Alternatively, wear shoes which are the same colour as your skirt. This is because the length of skirt and the invisibility of your feet in this kind of styling will actually add to the illusion of long legs.

8. Busty Girls, Deep Cuts Are Fine

8- style a maxi skirt for every body type

Image: Huma Qureshi on Instagram

Huma Qureshi really does give us some awesome lessons in styling maxi skirts. For girls with large breasts, wearing deep-cut necklines might on first consideration seem like a big no-no! Of course, there is a tendency for deep necklines to go terribly wrong, especially for busty girls (alert: too much skin show, girls!). But if such necklines are balanced with more conservative elements like the defined collar in this top, they can look glam and classy at the same time. Plus a deep neckline can be just the right amount of reveal when paired with a fully-covered maxi skirt.

9. Layer It Up If You Have Smaller Boobs

9- style a maxi skirt for every body type

If you’re scared that a maxi skirt will exaggerate the lower portion of your body - only making your chest appear smaller - consider donning a layered top, like this one here. A top with layers or fringes will add volume to your chest, making your bust appear fuller.

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So what are you waiting for? Pick the style right for your body type and flaunt your maxi skirt NOW!

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