Heavy Bridal Joda?! 9 Genius Tips To Get You Through The Day!

Heavy Bridal Joda?! 9 Genius Tips To Get You Through The Day!
The day is near and you are a mixed ball of emotions, and with every hour it’s building up more and more. It’s of course one of the most important days of your life and you are anxious about everything working out the way you’ve wished for. Even a dress rehearsal cannot replicate the actual day and even after taking care of most of the things, there will still be some things that are not in your control. So here's how to stay comfortable on your wedding day and sail through everything that has to do with your ensemble and jewellery! We’ve got your back!

1. Stay Hydrated And Eat Well!

First and foremost, eating a hearty breakfast to kickstart the day is extremely important. This might be the last thing on your mind but it is the most important one. You need to survive the whole day smoothly and you need energy to get you going. Also, with all the meeting and greetings, you’ll need the H2O to remain calm, hydrated and energised. Make sure someone’s getting you water every now and then, and make sure to have it!

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes!

The weight of that ornate lehenga is going to pull you down and thus all the pressure will be transferred to your feet. Pick out comfortable heels like wedges or platforms or stick to flats with a good sole if you prefer that. But your feet need to taken care of. Make sure to sneak in a foot massage in-between if possible to release the stress.

3. Choose Your Lingerie Wisely!

This is a vital one! Wear granny panties if you must, they’re not going to be visible at all. You don’t want tight straps and elastic at the waist biting into the skin. Choose airy cotton panties and not a very elaborate bra either. This will let you remain comfy and happy all day!

how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

4. Take Your Sweet Time At The Trials

Yes, we know there is a lot going on and you have major time constraints. But spend some time at the trials after wearing your outfits. Walk around in them, try the blouse to make sure nothing is irritating your skin. Move around, bend forward and sit on a chair to see if you are comfortable in it. Try the dupatta too, sometimes the dupatta is so heavy, it keeps pulling the head back which becomes annoying!

5. Earrings And The Ears!

Ears become sore after a while with the weight of those lovely, big earrings, and thus, during the pheras you could substitute them for a lighter pair that are still decorative enough. This is a good idea if the pheras are after midnight when most guests have left and you’re too tired from the festivities of the whole day! Also, before wearing your earrings, apply some Boroline or any other skin cream that might help!

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6. Washroom Woes!

Make sure to visit the washroom before you put on your final outfit, it can be a bit difficult later. But if you must, take some help from your friends. Reach out to them instead of running around yourself. Don’t worry, nothing will leave its place, all thanks to the thousand pins that are useful to keep things in the same position.

how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

7. Dress According To The Venue And Weather!

Yes, you want to wear that velvet lehenga that you saw at the designer store, but darling, if you’re getting married in the month of May, you’d want to make sure you pick an easier fabric so you don’t feel extra hot or sweaty that day. Think about how long you have to last in the ensemble!

8. Wear It At The Right Moment!

Sure, there might be a photography session as soon as you get ready, but if it’s not such a task, wear the necklaces, haath phools etc right before the grand entry. Sit down and only wear heels when you are about to make the appearance. Get extra fastening for the necklace so your neck doesn’t start hurting from the load.

9. Be Mentally Prepared!

You know it’s going to be a once in a lifetime moment, you don’t want to spoil your mood by getting irritated because of the jewellery and the elaborate clothes. Take deep breaths and follow all the above mentioned steps for a breezy wedding! Remember to smile and forget about all the things troubling you, including your clothes and ears, and you’ll survive it! :D

how to stay comfortable on your wedding day

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