How To Have FAB Hair Without Washing It All The Time!

How To Have FAB Hair Without Washing It All The Time!
You really shouldn’t be washing your hair too often - for the sake of your strands. Whether you’re feeling lazy or really do want to put off your next wash for the benefit of your mane, we give you a few ways to prolong your next shampoo. These life-saving tricks will help your hair look amazing, shiny and clean even if you go days without shampoo or have just come back from the gym. Say hello to grease-free, gorgeous hair!

1. Practice Good Shampoo Etiquette

1- how to prolong a hair wash

It’s important that you wash your hair well, since you won’t be doing it again for the next few days. Lather up at your scalp only. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to help get rid of any product build-up that regular shampoo can’t wash away. It really will help your locks feel squeaky-clean. Then use conditioner, but ONLY on your ends. Your roots get oily, so you definitely want to avoid it there to keep your hair clean as long as possible. Use it on your dry ends to help them look healthier.

2. Put Down Those Oil Products

Yes, we have stressed the importance of various products like argan oil and Moroccan oil, but if you’re prone to grease and don’t intend on washing your hair for a few days then you should avoid such products. Also, shine serums and other oil-based products are best avoided since you don’t want your hair to fall limp with greasiness after a day or two. Instead, opt for styling creams and mousses, but be sure not to use too much and not too close to your scalp. A coin-sized amount is more than enough. Over-using products WILL lead to oiliness.

3. Hands Off!

3- how to prolong a hair wash

Do you touch your hair a lot? Chances are you do! We all run our fingers through our strands without even realizing. Getting your bangs off your face, tucking your hair behind your ears, pulling it up into a ponytail, undoing your ponytail, twisting your hair around your finger while you think – you get the gist. But remember, the more you touch your hair or brush it, the more greasy it will become. Make a conscious effort to keep your fingers off your locks!

4. Pouf Your Front

Your bangs and front are the first parts to get greasy and show any obvious signs that you haven’t washed your hair. To avoid this, poof this portion of your hair back and pin in place to keep it safe from forehead sweat as well as to prevent it from falling flat. Plus, it’s a pretty way to change up your ordinary style as well as to get your hair out of your eyes!

5. Keep Your Hair Up As Often As Possible

5- how to prolong a hair wash

A smart thing to save your hair from getting sweaty is to keep it off your face and neck as much as possible. If you’re not dressing up to socialize, a loose ponytail or messy bun is better for when you’re working, at the gym, running errands, etc. It’s an easy way to keep it clean for longer in this heat.

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6. Be Strategic About Dry Shampoo

We all know the awesomeness of dry shampoo, but use it wisely. Wait as long as you can until you absolutely must use it. It can be drying and you shouldn’t use it repeatedly, once or twice between washes should be the norm. Hold off until a couple days after your wash until you feel like your locks are a bit too oily, and then spritz some on your roots at night to help it soak it all up while you sleep. It will look much fresher in the morning.

7. Plug In Your Blow Dryer7- how to prolong a hair wash

After using dry shampoo or simply spraying a bit of water to your front, blow-dry your hair away from your face using a brush. Do this for just a few minutes and your hair will look so fresh and just-styled. It helps bring back volume too!

8. Get Your Hands On A Shower Cap

Simply tying your hair up and away from your face while you shower isn’t enough. Moisture and steam from your shower can lead to limp locks and oiliness. Instead, wrap your hair up in a shower cap in the shower on those no-wash days to help keep it looking as fresh as ever. You may feel ridiculous at first wearing a plastic hat (we know!), but it really will help your strands look as good as new instead of greasy and gross.

9. Rinse With Water

9- how to prolong a hair wash

If you feel like the greasiness is out of control then simply wash your hair with water only – no shampoo. It will take the same amount of time to dry, but the build-up since your last rinse will prevent it from getting frizzy as it dries, as it usually would after a shampoo.

10. Get Braiding

Unwashed hair holds styles way better. Just-washed, too-clean hair is prone to frizziness, flyaways and doesn’t stay in place as well. Once it has settled after a day or two is when your hair will look fantastic when styled. This is the time to experiment with braids, they’re totally having their moment and look ultra cute. Any number of braids placed anywhere looks great, so nothing can stop you from looking amazing!  

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