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7 Ways To Turn Up The Heat In A Long Distance Relationship!

7 Ways To Turn Up The Heat In A Long Distance Relationship!

You know how some people say long distance relationships are hard because they get monotonous and boring - and the best part about the relationship isn’t even with you. Well, ladies, that is not true! Yes, it’s true that your partner isn’t as close to you as you’d like - but there is nothing that can stop you from making your long distance relationship just as fun and sexy as any other (if not more!). Here are some super easy ways to spice up your long distance relationship.

1. How about some phone sex?

Not everyone is comfortable having Skype sex - but a little dirty talk over the phone never hurt, right? You may be far away from each other, but letting your partner know all the things you want to do when you finally see him will only build up the excitement! Of course, you ought to make sure you feel comfortable even with this before you actually go ahead. It’ll be no fun if you aren’t!

2. Personalise each other’s bedrooms!

Yes, something as tiny as this can actually spice up your relationship. Leave a picture of the two of you by his bedside, add some cushions to his bed or an item to his kitchen when you visit! Just anything that makes him think of you and smile. Keep a long distance relationship exciting

3. Good old sexting…

Sexting is definitely something you can do regularly! Dirty, flirty text messages that will send his heart racing in a minute! What could be better than a sext from your partner when you’re least expecting it, right?
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4. Have a hot, hot movie night

Who said you can’t have movie date night because you’re not at the same place? Just turn on a sexy movie at the same time, and make sure to put each other on Skype or Facetime. There, you have your very own perfect date. Keep a long distance relationship exciting

5. Sex up that letter!

Sexts we are all familiar with by now. Of course we are familiar with love letters as well. But what if you were to make a combination of the two?! A sexy letter - yes, that’s right! Instead of just sticking to sexts, why not actually write down all your sexy fantasies and mail it to him? He will be thanking you for this for a long, long time to come!

6. A surprise package...

A basket with not just with your usual cakes and biscuits and other edible goodies - but also some amazing pictures of the two of you, some of his favorite movies, and some love notes from you. Something sweet to make his week. :)
Keep a long distance relationship exciting

7. Take trips together!

Don’t just visit each other’s towns when you find the time - but also take trips together! Whenever you can, make a plan to visit a new place together. Create new and fun memories together - ones that you will cherish forever.
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Published on Apr 12, 2016
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