9 Brilliant Tips To Have A Dream Wedding In Your Budget!

9 Brilliant Tips To Have A Dream Wedding In Your Budget!
By the time we’ve turned 20, most of us girls have already imagined what our dream wedding will look like. A stunning stage, handsome groom, beautiful lehenga, dreamy venue and a glamourous night of celebration, we’ve envisioned it all. And by the time we actually get ‘fixed’, we’ve realised just how expensive the wedding world is! But trust us, your dream wedding will not just be a dream any more. Check out these 9 tips before you start planning your dream wedding on a budget.

1. It’s the date that matters the most

We’ve all heard our granny’s or mom’s remark, “Bahut bhaari saaya hai about a certain date. And quite obviously the prices go up during peak shaadi season. Venues and vendors all increase their rates by over three times. To stay within your budget, opt for an off-season wedding date and half your battle is won! Also, weekdays turn out to be cheaper than weekends and it goes without saying that the sooner you book, the better the rate you get.

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2. Venues be like this!

When you set out for venue hunting, try and look for venues that are already beautiful. This means you can actually cut down your decor requirements and hence save cost. There are banquets that come equipped with gorgeous curtains or a basic one step stage. For resorts, pay attention to how well maintained the lawns and entrance are. You can go minimalist with such venues and save on decor costs.

3. One venue, many ceremonies

The big fat indian wedding is a 3 - 4 day affair and booking separate venues for each ceremony can burn a big hole in your pocket! If you book the same venue for three days, chances are you’ll be able to get yourself a good discount. Make each function distinct by having different decor themes. Also, if it’s a resort, it’s a great idea to book one which offers you a variety. A poolside mehendi, sangeet in the banquet hall and wedding on the lawns, for example.

4. Flower decoration is expensive!

Quick fact, floral decor costs a bomb! But here’s how you can trim down the costs. Ask your decorator for the season’s flowers. Flowers that are not in season during your wedding month will always be in a higher price range. Also, consider genda phool decor which is inexpensive and can make your venue look awesome in more ways than one. Alternatively, you can let go off floral decorations entirely! Check out some fab non-floral decor ideas here.

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5. Trim down that guest list

Trimming down your guest list means you save on per plate cost of food and also the invitations. While it’s a tough decision to make, it’s a good idea to celebrate your wedding functions with just your closest family and friends. You could also opt for one big function where you invite most people and keep the other ceremonies an intimate affair.

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6. Go DIY!

Thank god we’re alive in a time where DIY is huge! It’s not just the money but it also makes your wedding a more personal affair. There are a lot of areas where you could actually do things yourself. Swap paper invites with e-invites. Design them with the help of your friends who you know are good at this stuff. DIY your pre-wedding shoot. Ask your friends or an acquaintance who is good with the camera to help out. I designed my own photo booth props and the backdrop for the same was put together by my besties. DIY or hire local decorators for smaller functions like the mehendi. Quirky and fun decor can easily be achieved by sourcing items from wholesale market and guiding your local tentwalla.

7. The big khana debate

A major part of the wedding expenditure is food. And why not, it’s the most talked about aspect of any shaadi. You can have the best of everything but bad food spells disaster. But with food, focus on the quality rather than the quantity. You don’t need to have a spread of 20 different kinds of dishes and 15 varieties of snacks. Have a few live counters and a basic food spread. Just make sure it tastes great!

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8. Morning functions are a great bet!

Having a morning or noon function is a major saver. You save so much on the lighting costs! Like a whole lot. Those fairy lights, spot lights, light towers are not required. In case you never knew, lunch and brunch food spreads always cost less than dinner menus since demand is higher for evening functions. The plus side is you get the prettiest ever pictures!

9. You can save on that lehenga too!

There is just no limit to the amount girls spend on their wedding lehenga. It’s exorbitant! Saving up on that one outfit may allow you to use that sum of money on something else instead. And we are not asking you to compromise. Check out these expert tips to save big and save smart!

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