Have Good Sex By Using These 10 Easy Tips

Have Good Sex By Using These 10 Easy Tips
Sex is great. And good sex is even better! If you’ve ever wondered how you can enhance your pleasure in bed - or your partner’s, look no further. For we have a list of 10 simple sex tips that can totally revolutionize your experience in the bedroom! 

Sex Tips 1: First and foremost, be open to things

You won’t believe how useful a mantra this actually is! Yes, sure, there will be things that your partner might want to try that’s way out of your comfort zone, but the important thing is to at least think about it, and then decide whether it’s genuinely something that you’re not interested in. If you want to have good sex, then talk about it. You might be able to come up with alternatives that work for both of you!

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Sex Tips 2: It’s important to be responsive

If you’re feeling pleasure, let your partner know that. If you’re not, respond with constructive comments about what else you guys should be trying! Don’t be shy about vocalizing your pleasure - sigh, moan, scream - whatever works for you, if you wish to have good sex. :-) 

Sex Tips 3: Communication is key!

Related to the previous point, but not limited to it. Good Sex is better when you can really connect with your partner. Whether it’s in a committed relationship, or a more casual scenario - being in bed is an intimate act, and it’s more fun when you can talk and laugh about stuff. So get to know the person better, even if it means spending 15 minutes more of conversation outside of the bedroom. It’s great to be able to smile in bed too!

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Sex Tips 4: Don’t forget about your orgasm, but that shouldn’t be your only focus!

Ladies, the most reliable way to achieve orgasm for women tends to be masturbation. We’re not kidding - according to studies, only 25% of women report having orgasms during sex. Now, while we’re not saying you shouldn’t be focusing on your climax (you totally should!), but one of the amazing things about good sex is that the journey to orgasm is so much fun too. Kissing, touching, teasing - all of that works towards making the whole experience just...so much better!

Sex Tips 5: Accept that sometimes even sex can be blah

It happens. Off day, off mood, body not catching up with mind - all of those can contribute towards not feeling particularly enthused even when you’re in bed with someone you find attractive. The best thing to do then? To just relax and enjoy whatever you’re doing, even if you feel like this particular experience is not as exciting as your usual encounters. Don’t worry about it. You can still have fun, and have good sex next time!

how to have good sex

Sex Tips 6: It’s okay to take control sometimes

Be daring, be bold. Tell your partner how exactly you want a scenario to unfold. We all have fantasies - don’t be shy about sharing them.

Sex Tips 7: Knowing yourself (and your body) helps too

Do you have particularly sensitive boobs? Is your neck an erogenous zone? Does dirty talk turn you on? Take note of all of these things when you’re pleasuring yourself or you’re in bed with your partner...and use that information to your advantage and have good sex! 

how to have good sex

Sex Tips 8: Don’t forget to observe!

As important as it is to be aware of what turns you on and brings you pleasure, it is just as important to note another person’s responses and triggers too. Does touching your partner in a particular place make him (or her!) sigh or even moan? Use those observations to make the experience more pleasurable for the both of you! This helps to have good sex session!

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Sex Tips 9: Be as “different” as you can be every now and then

Variety is the spice of life, they say. You might not agree with that sentiment in general (plenty of us like our routines just fine, thank you), but trust us on this: a sense of something new and different can really, really enhance a sexual experience. Even if it’s something as simple and easy as switching the order in which you go down on each other and engage in penetration. Or just deciding to do it in a different location can make all the difference between good sex and absolutely mind-blowingly awesome sex! 

how to have good sex

Sex Tips 10: Practice makes perfect - it’s true!

Because, quite simply, the more you do it, the more you learn. To have good sex session, don’t feel shy about becoming a, um, sexpert! :P 

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