Destination Wedding Within Your Budget?! Yes, It’s Possible!

Destination Wedding Within Your Budget?! Yes, It’s Possible!
Your Facebook wall seems more like a marriage album as everyone you know is either getting married or posting pictures of their honeymoon. You can’t stop envying those super-amazing pics of destination weddings that your Facebook friends had. Every time you start calculating the cost of a destination wedding, you freeze midway when the sum already triples your estimated budget.

Well, it’s not exactly a cheap affair, but we can certainly help you bring down your costs significantly for a destination wedding with these super cool ideas:

1. Compare Prices

It’s always best to compare hotel and airline fares for similar locations. For eg: you want your cheaper destination wedding against a traditional Rajasthani backdrop. Compare your options among locations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and the likes. Choose the one that fits your pocket best.

Cheaper destination wedding

2. Location Factors

It’s best to choose accommodation for guests which is close to the venue of the wedding as well as local markets. This way you will not be spending a bomb on commute costs for the guests who want to buy matching bangles at the last minute or make visits to the salon for the functions.

3. Plan Two Events in a Day

This way you save on the ‘per night’ charges on almost everything - accommodation, venue rental, props rental and what not! For eg: you can plan to have a day wedding and end the evening with a reception, or you can have a morning sangeet function with vibrant colours and an evening wedding.

Cheaper destination wedding

4. Rent a Home

We all know how obnoxiously expensive hotels can be. And hotel services and minibars can be used and abused at your expense (gives one a heart attack on seeing the bill!). It’s best to book clean, stylish apartments with a kitchen and bathrooms for your guests. You can stock the refrigerator so that guests don’t go hungry and can do to their own laundry and ironing if need be.

Pro Tip: This also works fantastically when heading for international destinations. Airbnb has amazing apartments that can be rented for as low as USD 20 per night.

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5. Hire Local Experts

It’s best to hire local experts like your photographer or your makeup artist/salon. This might require extra effort on finding the right guys by reading reviews and credentials, but they will be well versed with city for the best photoshoot spots and you will save a bomb by not spending on an all-expense paid trip for these guys.

Cheaper destination wedding

6. Use Card Deals

You know how you see a deal online and they don’t let you book in bulk as there is a limit per credit/debit card? Well that’s what your family is for! Each family member can use their own card for multiple bookings under family members’ and relatives’ names. You might end up saving a considerable amount of money!

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