How To Steal Kareena’s Sharp & Sleek Look For A Formal Meeting!

How To Steal Kareena’s Sharp & Sleek Look For A Formal Meeting!
Is there any woman who does not want to look stylish, while also feeling like she is the one in charge? And that’s how the idea of power dressing emerges. Kareena Kapoor aces it totally #likeaboss as she strides holding the ease of power in this monochrome look. Here’s how you too can get this look - and for way WAY cheaper than she probably did! ;)

dress like Kareena

The Pristine White Palazzo Pants

dress like Kareena

The white trousers which Kareena has donned are the first thing that jump out at you in this look. And for good reason too! - it’s the only bit of colour (or lack of it :P) in the look. But there is more: White offers the promise of lightness, and the silhouette of these trousers also offers the dream of movement fueled by ease. Which is what real power is about - being comfortable in your skin. And that’s why this piece fits right into your power dressing wardrobe!

Popxo Recommends: Liebemode White Solid Palazzo (Rs. 1,250, at 50% discount!)

The Simple Oomph Black Top

dress like Kareena

Kareena’s look has a simple black top, which could also almost be a tank top, and which allows her to flaunt her body like a lady in control does. And power dressing is actually all about simplicity and creating clean lines in your look - like this black top. With its sleek satin embellishment on the neckline, it adds just that little bit of oomph to make all the simple look sexy.

Popxo Recommends: AMANTE Black Top (Rs. 598, at 50% discount!)

The Pull-It-All-Together Black Jacket

dress like Kareena

But it can’t all be just about dressing up and looking sexy when it comes to power dressing! You gotta pull it all together babe! Which is why, like Kareena K, you get yourself this pull-it-all-together jacket in black. And I think when it comes to a third piece like a jacket, it is all about proportion - so the length of this jacket does matter! Check out how the jacket in Kareena’s look just about covers her hips. So does this Tom Tailor jacket which we recommend here - go too short and you can look too slick and go too long and you can look like you’re dressed for a holiday. So choose this length which is just right to impart you power in the boardroom.

Popxo Recommends: Tom Tailor Black Solid Winter Jacket (Rs. 2,820, at 60% discount)

The Timeless Tan Shoes

dress like Kareena

We’ve said it before at Popxo, and we will say it again: There is nothing more timeless or elegant than the colour tan. Like Kareena, you can don a pair too. Wear these tan mid-heeled shoes and you will not just exude oodles of taste, but also, the pointy toes send a clear message to everyone about who the boss lady is!

Popxo Recommends: Lavie Tan Belly Shoes (Rs. 1,398, at 50% discount!)

The No-Nonsense Navy Handbang

dress like Kareena

Like Kareena’s own handbag pick, this navy blue handbag here with its clean silhouette and minimal detailing (though we are totally loving that little butterfly there to add just that little touch of femininity!), lets the world know that you are a woman who will take no nonsense from anyone! And that’s why this is an essential pick for your power dressing wardrobe!

Popxo Recommends: Butterflies Navy Blue Handbang (Rs. 960, at 60% discount!)

BannerYellow 500px (1)

The RAWR! Sunglasses

dress like Kareena

We are so loving the sunglasses Bebo has on, girls! They add that flair of personality into her whole “who’s-the-boss” look! With their leopard-print frames, these sunglasses will let you step out into the world channeling the raw animal power which you do possess, and which does make the world toast your sheer daring!

Popxo Recommends: Farenheit Aviator Sunglasses (Rs. 899, at 55% discount!)

The Sleek Metal Wrist Watch

dress like Kareena

A bosslady is a busy woman, and being a busy woman, she always has to look out for time. Which is why you NEED this sleek yet eye-catching metal wristwatch to complete your power dressing look, à la Kareena. It also doubles up as an alternative to jewelry because you don’t want to look too dressed up, but whatever you dress in needs to be functional. And what’s more functional than a timeless timepiece!

Popxo Recommends: Casio Enticer Lady’s Silver/White Analog Watch (Rs. 2,195)

Featured Image: Kareena Kapoor on Instagram

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