Soreness After Sex: Why It Happens & How To Prevent It

Soreness After Sex: Why It Happens & How To Prevent It
Does your passionate session of lovemaking end on a painful, sore note sometimes? We know how soreness after sex can be a total nuisance and completely ruin one’s mood despite all the fun one just had. So, here’s us killing the mood-killer.

1. But wait, why does it happen again?

The most likely reason is that you’re having a really good time after a considerable period of, um, dry spell and your vaginal muscles are getting quite a difficult workout session - which feels really good while you’re doing it, but hurts like hell later, when the “workout” is over. Or, maybe he’s just more endowed than the average guy and that’s new to you.

The second reason could be a lack of lubrication. Maybe you just weren’t aroused enough and the penetration felt like a friction that obviously left you sore. However, there can be several other reasons for vaginal dryness like low levels of estrogen (usually happens in mature women post menopause), or due to unhealthy lifestyle habits.

soreness after sex


Or maybe we’re putting the blame on all the wrong things here, when the actual culprits are diseases or allergies to certain protection products. It’s always a good idea to consult a gynae, ladies!

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2. But now that I am sore - what do I do?

Take a warm bath with some natural sea salt. That should soothe your tired muscles. Or, you could also take a damp cloth with lukewarm water and vinegar, and use it as a compress for 15 minutes. Also, if the problem persists, there’s no harm in getting yourself professionally checked.

soreness after sex

3. Okay, then. Is there a way I can prevent all this pain in the future?

Of course, ladies. First of all, get yourself a lubricant to reduce the friction and with it all chances of vaginal soreness and injury. Second, talk to your guy and get yourself a nice, long session of good ol’ foreplay to get those juices flowing.

You could also try some positions that are just as fun as they’re easy on your vaginal muscles - like you on the top.

And then, you should also train yourself before the big game - so, exercise, girl, and all that stretching and pushing won’t catch you by surprise. Have fun! :-)

soreness after sex