How To Pick The Most Flattering Lingerie If You're Small Busted

How To Pick The Most Flattering Lingerie If You're Small Busted
The right negligee, the perfect corset, or the sexy bralette - we have many options available for lingerie these days in the market. But picking one that compliments your body type is something to always bear in mind. Here is some advice for all you A cup ladies who may be wondering what lingerie would suit you the most. Keep these few things in mind while choosing lingerie and you are set!

1. Get Yourself Measured!

First and foremost, get yourself measured by a professional so you know that you’re on the right track when lingerie hunting. Otherwise, ill-fitted bras can cause multiple issues. Even though you are small-busted and might take the idea of getting professionally measured lightly, you do need this intervention. The wrong-sized bra can be a nuisance-  they can make your chest look flat, or make them sag or result in constantly-shifting cup issues - and we don’t want any of that!

2. The Importance Of Getting The Right CUP!

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Choosing the “right” cup for your boobs is super crucial. If you are wearing a cup that is bigger, i.e., if there is a gap between your breasts and the bra cups, your breasts will look smaller. Wear a half or a demi-cup bra that presses against your boob shape seamlessly. If you want some padding, a push-up bra or a balconette bra is a good idea. A non-padded triangular-shaped cup will suit you too.

3. Bandeaus & Strapless Styles Are Your Best Friends!

You are one lucky girl because you can pull off strapless bra styles without having to worry about it shifting or falling. This style accentuates your bust and fits comfortably. Pick a band that is slightly smaller than your actual chest size to avoid any scope of this slipping downwards. Bandeaus not only look feminine but with a couple of strings attached to their sides, they can actually push the sexy quotient up!

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4. Pick Something With A Flattering Neckline!

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Anything that has a deep neckline will give you a chance to show off your bustline in the most eye-catching manner. Chemises and playsuits in satin and lace which have a deep V-neckline are some great options. If you’re trying to emphasize your breasts, something completely different like a high-boat neckline or a crew neckline is also an alternative.

5. Sheer Fabrics Do The Trick!

Of course, satins and cotton are forever pretty fabrics, but give tulles, fine laces, and sheer nets a chance too! Sheer fabrics show off the silhouette in fascinating ways. They also have the ability to create an illusion of extra volume, especially when compared to a solid fabric. Sheer fabrics also look graceful and so sexy!

6. Choose Colors That Are Bold And Striking!

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We all know that black or darker colors are tantalizing but they also slim you down instantly. Try bright colors like red, pink, corals, lime greens instead, if you are looking to create the illusion of fuller breasts. You can give prints and different patterns a shot too if you want to exaggerate your chest area a little more.

7. Decorative Elements Are A Good Idea!

Think frills, ruffles, pleats, gathers, bows, ribbons. Wow! Just little accents all around the chest area in your lingerie can bring focus there. They look not just adorable, but they also add interesting detail to your chosen lingerie. Think of Merrywidows, bralettes and lace playsuits for your amazing figure and top it all up with these tiny elements.!

So these are some ways you can choose lingerie that flatters your frame. Love and flaunt what you have, and you’ll look beautiful!

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