How Do Guys And Girls Talk To Their Friends About... Sex?!

How Do Guys And Girls Talk To Their Friends About... Sex?!

After many gossip and eavesdropping sessions I have come to realise that the way anyone talks about sex is totally different. Some people are willing to divulge all the details, whereas others get creeped out at the thought of someone asking. Some things hold true for everyone, though - let's find out how it's different when you're a guy or a girl! I decided to ask two of my friends the following questions - one friend is a girl and one is a guy.

1. The First Time

Girl: "Okay, so I have to tell you about when I lost my virginity. So I was about 18 and totally in love with this guy. He was my brother's friend and we were home alone one weekend when my parents were out of town and my brother hadn't come home yet... (Story continues for half an hour. No detail spared.) Guy: "Yeah, I was 19…it was cool." 1 talk about sex

2. The Magic Number

Girl: "Isn't that a weird question? I mean two...if you really have to know.” (The general rule is to add 3 to this number!) Guy: "LOL, I lost count man...banged this hottie on holiday last month, think that brings me up to about 13 chicks." (The general rule is to SUBTRACT FOUR!)

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3. How Good It Was! (Talking About The Last Time)

Girl: "It was amazing, we were so intimate and involved. He was so affectionate and we kissed loads." Guy: "Hey, I'll take what I can get!!" talk about sex

4. How Good YOU Were!

Girl: "LOL, I don't know - I guess I'll have to ask him, but that would be sooo weird. I would rate myself…around a 7?" Guy: "I asked her, she said I was awesome, man. She didn't need to say anything, though - I could see it on her face!!" BannerYellow 500px (1)

5. The “L” Word (Exact Question: Does It Matter If You Love Someone When You Have Sex With Them?)

Girl: "I think it does. I mean, it's what makes it feel good and makes it feel safe, and I like it when I can tell him that when we're being intimate. But to be honest it's also about attraction. I think it just depends on the situation. Like, if I really like a guy then I know because I am always talking about him." Guy: "Sex is always good, but ya it is different depending what your mood is. I don't like it when a girl seems to be upset and then later she wants to have sex - men have feelings too - you guys don't realise how much  your moods, affect our moods. It's weird, though- I'll happily talk about a random hook-up, but I don't like talking about sex with my girlfriend." talk about sex

6. Body Parts

Girl: "He had the most amazing Vs on his abs and his shoulders are so broad. OMG!!!” Guy: "She was cute...she hadn't waxed, though - is that the question?"

7. The Big O

Girl: "I actually don't know if I have ever orgasmed properly! I just don't think it's happened for us yet..." Guy: "That's obviously not the same for us. I have no issue. No chick has ever had to fake it with me!" talk about sexGIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Foreplay To The Big O: The Different Stages Of Sex – Explained! MUST-READ: 11 Surprising Sex Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know!