The HOTTEST Haircuts Of 2016… That Look Good On Regular People!

The HOTTEST Haircuts Of 2016… That Look Good On Regular People!
New Year’s may have been long gone, but it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to update your mane with some of the hippest styles of the year. From embracing your natural texture to trying a flirty fringe, this year is all about falling in love with your locks. We give you the hottest haircuts of 2016. There’s a cut for each of you in here. Promise!3

1. Geometric

Calling all you curly-haired girls! You know that triangular shape your hair runs the risk of taking if cut too short? Well, it’s time to embrace it. Yup! A cut which is bouncy and tapered at the bottom and is heavy on the top lets you flaunt your natural texture in style!

2. The “Effortless” Cut

hottest haircuts of 2016

This haircut is designed to require minimal maintenance from your end. Varying in its length from chin-high to shoulder-length, this cut accentuates your natural hair texture and movement and makes it look chic and so effortless! Even if you find it hard to believe, just remember that every kind of hair texture has the potential to look great - you just need the right cut for it. Explain what your hair’s natural texture is like, and how it looks when dry, in detail to your stylist to get a cut that looks great when you let it just air-dry. Gone will be the days when we need to be slaves to our hair!

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3. Statement Bangs

Blunt bangs are all set to rule this year. Plus, they’re the easiest way to freshen up your look! Don’t worry if you don’t have super straight hair, textured bangs for a hint of playfulness are super cool right now. You don’t need to straighten your bangs into submission - just let your natural texture rule the look!

4. The Cooler Lob

hottest haircuts of 2016

Image: Khloe Kardashian on Instagram

The lob has been around for a while now, but this year it has also acquired a texturizing movement, thanks to choppy layers which will enhance those waves and kinks. If you want a hip makeover, this is a great style as it’s short but also not too short! Just ask for long layers and blunt ends to get this look. It’s so low maintenance that you’ll have much more free time since you will not be spending ages trying to style your hair into submission.

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5. Long, Textured Layers

Long hair will never go out of vogue and an easy way to beat those boring blues with long hair is with some texturizing layers. Face-framing layers in the front and longish layers all over the rest of your head help accentuate movement, add volume at the crown, and give your hair that sexy slept-in vibe. Just make sure to get those layers trimmed regularly for this gorgeous effect!

6. Centre Of Attention

hottest haircuts of 2016

The centre parting is back! Whether your hair is long, shot, layered or is cut blunt, a middle parting works for everyone. Just ask your stylist for a cool cut based on a centre parting rather than on a side or natural parting.

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7. The Oh-So-Chic Bob

The bob is a classic cut that is also super versatile. A wavy bob is great for some Gatsby glam - just ensure that your stylist gives you a cut that works for your hair texture. Contrary to popular belief, different variations of a bob cut really do work well with different hair textures. So you can rock it with waves or with bone-straight hair – either way you’ll be making a statement!

8. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shag

hottest haircuts of 2016

If you’re looking for a change and want to stand out, then look no further than the ultra-cool shag. Taylor Swift has rocked it on red carpets. It’s also a style that’s pretty easy to pull off. A long fringe and lots of medium layers around your face make for a hot cut. It should be long enough to pull back into a ponytail but with shorter lengths falling on top of it. Get ready to grab attention with your rocker chic vibe.

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