Life rules to break in your twenties

10 Life Rules It’s Totally Okay To Break In Your 20s!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Your 20s are the craziest years of your life! You will meet people from all walks of life giving you all sorts of gyaan on how to live your life. You really don’t have to take every word seriously. Yeah, you heard right! You live just once. Do the things that make you happy and that you will remember for a lifetime. Are we ready to make some memories? Here are 10 life rules that are totally okay to break in your 20s. Let’s go!

1. Call him up first. Make the first move, we say!

Thou shalt have no regrets in life!

Life rules to break in your twenties

2. Jump into the pool with your clothes on or skinny dip with your besties.

If you get caught just say it was a dare! :P

3. Party like a rockstar all night on a weekday!

Even if you get to office or class really hungover, at least you had an insane night.

Life rules to break in your twenties

4. HAVE the dessert before dinner, it’s totally OKAY!

So what if that waiter gives you a funny look? Happy tummy = happy you!

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5. Do something that scares the daylights out of you.

Whether it’s paragliding, jumping out a plane or watching ‘The Conjuring’ at dot 3 am. Do it! Conquer those fears like a boss!

Life rules to break in your twenties

6. Book your tickets, pack your bags and go on a solo trip!

Life’s an adventure. Get going already!

7. Travel across the globe to see your favourite band play live

Because you wouldn’t trade anything in the world to watch Coldplay and Linkin Park perform live in front of your eyes!

Life rules to break in your twenties

8. What diet?! Eat what you want, when you want!

One cheese burst pizza, a large coke and some fries, please?

9. Go on blind dates, kiss a few maybe, and ALWAYS believe in love!

When you do find Mr Right, you’ll know why it never worked out with the rest. :)

Life rules to break in your twenties

10. Give makeup a miss for a day and embrace your natural beauty.

Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you actually are?

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Published on Apr 13, 2016
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