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Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales Of Love That Will Break Your Heart

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales Of Love That Will Break Your Heart
1. He was the love of my life. My best friend. We were inseparable. There came a day, though, when we couldn’t be together. He had to move away to study further. I couldn’t let go just then. I still had so much more love in me for him - I wanted to give him all of that and more. He moved away anyway, and a few months later I received a phone call. A phone call that changed my life and broke me into a million peices. His car had crashed - he was gone. Just like that, I had no choice. I had to let go.

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2. It was the happiest day of my life - my boyfriend of 4 years had just proposed to me for marriage! We had been on long distance for 3 of those 4 years. I had missed him - and now finally, I could be with him, forever! With the same excitement and thought, I decided to surprise him two months later. I reached his city and made my way to his place. Using the spare key I had, I opened the door to the apartment which would soon also be mine. There she was - my worst nightmare. Laying where I had so many times, sipping tea from a cup that belonged to a set I had bought for my future home.

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3. He loved me, but he wasn’t in love with me. This much was clear. He had told me this in clear words. Still, I couldn’t help but be in love with my friend of 10 years. I had this hope, this belief that he would one day realise that I was the one for him - just like I had realised he was the one for me, many years ago. I waited for him, because he’s like no one else I have ever known. A few days ago, while he was dropping me back home, we said our usual byes and then something magical happened. He leaned in and kissed me. We ended up in bed together that night. I was really happy. He had to leave early, so he left a sweet note by my bedside. I called him as soon as I woke up and saw it. He didn’t answer. I called again, many times. He didn’t answer. I waited. It’s been six months, I’m still waiting.

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