9 Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look Like A Dream!

9 Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look Like A Dream!
All of us give so much attention to the skin on our faces, but often forget to pamper the skin on our bodies. Though the skin on our body might not be as sensitive as the skin on our faces, it still needs hydration and care. And so, we bring you 9 habits that ensure you have smooth, glowing, flawless skin all over your body!

1. Warm Showers, NOT Hot

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Hot water is actually not good for your skin. You wouldn’t use hot water to wash your face, so why use it on your body? Though hot showers feel very good, doctors actually recommend lukewarm or cold showers. This helps your body retain its natural defense to dryness. So the first step towards smoother skin is to change your shower habits.

2. Moisturise Right After Bathing  

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Don’t throw on your clothes right after you finish bathing. Your pores tend to stay open for some time after you get out of the shower and hence, applying lotion post shower is the most effective method of moisturisation. Take time to apply a good lotion like Himalaya’s Aloe and Cucumber Lotion generously all over your body. It hydrates your skin with all the moisture it needs, without leaving it feeling sticky. And it’s cooling effect is perfect for hot summer days!

3. Eat Right, Drink Water

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Eating right is not only good for your skin, but is great for your overall health. Avoid excessively oily food and add fruit to your daily diet. Try eating homemade food as frequently as possible. And make water your best friend - don’t go anywhere without it. Carry your own bottle wherever you go and stay hydrated.

4. Exfoliate Well

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Exfoliation means the removal of dead cells from the outermost layer of skin. This can be achieved by using wet loofahs to rub off the dead skin or you can also use body scrubs. This method can also help the blood circulation in your body. But be careful not to overdo it as too much exfoliation can cause skin irritation.

5. Dry Brushing Is Key

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Dry brushing is another form of exfoliation which, as the name suggests, is done using a dry brush. But this type of exfoliation is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Brushes with natural bristles are recommended before showering. You have to be extra careful while moving the brush over delicate areas of your body, like your breasts. Its best to stand in the bathroom and do this as dead cells will fall and collect on the floor. After you’ve dry brushed your entire body, hop into the shower. Post shower, be sure to use Himalaya’s Aloe and Cucumber Lotion to sooth your skin. The aloe and cucumber have healing effects and help rejuvenate your skin.

6. Make Sunscreen Your Bestie

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Sunscreen is always a must! Half an hour before you step outside, apply sunscreen not only on your face, but also on every exposed part of your body. Exposure to sunlight will not only cause you to get tanned, but will weaken the tanned skin as well. And the risk of skin cancer is very high with direct sun exposure. So be sure to use sunscreens with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) daily!

7. Hair Removal To The Rescue

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Not everyone agrees with the idea of removing unwanted body hair, but it is actually one of the best ways to get smooth skin! The key rule to shaving - NEVER share your razor with anyone. Even if you are always careful and manage to shave without cutting yourself, sharing a razor is a big no-no. Always use water or soap lather as lubricant when you’re shaving your limbs for minimising chances of cutting yourself. If you choose to wax the undesired hair on your body, be VERY careful and if you can, ask a close friend to help you.

8. Keep Ingrown Hair At Bay

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Shaving can sometimes cause ingrown hair - a condition in which a hair follicle grows into the skin instead of erupting out of it. These can cause your skin to look dirty and feel bumpy. You can use tweezers to gently pinch the skin above an ingrown hair to remove it. But if you have a lot of them, it’s best to consult your doctor about it. In order to prevent ingrown hair, always use fresh razors and lubricate before shaving.

9. Apply Lotion Before Sleeping

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When you’re ready for bed, spend some time to apply lotion on your body. Apply the Aloe and Cucumber Lotion from Himalaya generously all over your body and massage yourself. This will improve your blood circulation, make your muscles feel good and do wonders for your skin! Applying this lotion before sleeping will allow it time to get soaked into your skin and its cooling effect is great for summer time.

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