7 Super Tricks To Save Every Last Drop Of Your Beauty Products!

7 Super Tricks To Save Every Last Drop Of Your Beauty Products!
There’s nothing that excites a girl more than owning a large variety of beauty products. But don’t you just hate it when you reach the bottom of the tub of your most favourite and priciest products? Before you toss them out, we suggest you give our list of hacks a shot! These hacks will not only save every last drop of your beauty products, but will also allow you to use them for a longer period. Read on to find out how to use these hacks to your benefit and to save money! (You’re welcome!)

Hack 1: Get A Tinted Moisturizer Using A Face Lotion!

Hacks for saving beauty products

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If your favourite liquid foundation just has a couple of drops left, don’t throw it away! Instead, pour a bit of face lotion into the bottle or tube, and shake well. Once that’s done, you’re going to have a new beauty product altogether! A tinted face moisturizer works as a perfect base and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Plus, it doesn’t make you look made-up!

Hack 2: Revive The Mascara Using Saline Solution!

Of late, does your mascara feel dry and clumpy? Are you tempted to toss it away? Well, DON’T! You can revive it by simply adding a couple of drops of saline solution to the mascara. Give it a good shake and you will instantly see the difference. Good as new!

Hack 3: Make The Most Of Your Lipgloss Using Hot Water

Hacks for saving beauty products

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Doesn’t it annoy you when you see the product stuck to the corners of your lipgloss tube or bottle? Well, now you can do something about it! Boil some water and pour it into a bowl. Gently place the lip gloss tube/bottle into the hot water. The heat will melt the product and you’ll have more lip gloss to use, and getting it out of the tube will be way easier! #BigWin.

Hack 4: Always Use A Brush To Apply Your Lipstick

This is a hack that you will thank us for! Although using a lipstick directly seems more comfortable, there’s a big chance that this way, you’ll be wasting more of the product. Hence, we advise you to use a flat brush to apply your lipstick. Two things happen here - one is that it enables you to apply it with precision, and second is that it allows you to use just about the right amount of the product.

Hack 5: Protect Your False Lashes With A Spoolie Brush

Hacks for saving beauty products

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False lashes are delicate, and most of the time, they only last for a day or two after use. Before you chuck them out, use a spoolie brush from any mascara product! Dip the spoolie into rubbing alcohol and gently brush your false lashes with it. Doing this will keep the lashes in shape and will remove old glue. It’ll make those lashes feel like new!

Hack 6: Use A Lighter To Fix a Broken Lipstick

Don’t we all hate it when our expensive lipstick breaks? Before you carry it to the bin, make sure that you reach for a match box first! Light a match and hold the flame close to the broken edges of the lipstick. Once it melts, immediately press both the pieces together for a minute or so, and your lipstick will be fixed. This hack works like a dream!

Hack 7:  Mix Petroleum Jelly With Eyeshadow To Make A Lip Colour

Hacks for saving beauty products

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There’s no need to throw the broken shards of a pretty eyeshadow when you have petroleum jelly at your disposal. Mix the two together with a spoon and store it in a container. You now have your own lip colour - created by you. Go on and rock your new custom-made shade!

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