‘The First Time I Wore A Bra’: 5 Girls Talk About The Experience

‘The First Time I Wore A Bra’: 5 Girls Talk About The Experience
We bet all of you remember the first time you tried on a bra. It is one of those memories that refuses to fade. Some of us absolutely loved it, while others had a hard time adapting to the habit. We got 5 girls to reveal their stories and they were brutally honest about their experiences. Excerpts…

1. At First, I Felt Weird....

first time bra stories


Sneha Kapoor

I was at the mall with my mom and she insisted that I try on a few bras. This urgent need to put me in a bra had arisen a few days earlier when I’d asked my mom why my chest hurt every time I was at physical training class in school. She had explained how my breasts needed support since I was growing older and that while a sports bra would be perfect for P.T, I would need an  A-cup for regular use.

So that day, at the mall, we headed to an Enamor store and I was faced with a number of options and pretty designs. The salesgirl was very helpful when it came to picking the right size and knew exactly what my barely-there boobs needed. She measured my size first, and then, I tried on a pretty floral A-cup with light padding. Although the bra itself was very comfortable, the feeling of something padded covering my boobs was a bit weird at first - like my chest was being caged by something. I pulled and tugged at it before I called my mother inside the changing room, and she stood there and smirked at me. She knew I liked it (because it fit so well!) She also knew I wasn’t used to the idea yet. And that’s how I came to own my first bra. A pretty white and pink floral number that soon became my favourite item of clothing… at least for a year till I outgrew it!

2. I Finally Felt Like An Adult

Kritika Choudhary

I knew I needed a bra once my classmates in school started wearing one. I was adamant that it made them superior to me and that wearing one would make me one of the cool kids. So after a lot of nagging, my mother finally agreed to take me bra-shopping. Now, my mom always used to shop for bras from this local store near my house. It was one of those run-down places, which sell cheap bras that aren’t pretty or comfortable. So, I was naturally offended when we walked into the store. To make things worse, I was confronted by a man at the counter.

He was old… probably a 100. My mom spoke to him like he was her best friend. She told him how I needed a bra and told him my reasons for the same. Both of them giggled like my personal life was an inside joke. I glared at her and felt really uncomfortable while he asked me what kind of bra I wanted. We walked out of that store arguing and I never bought anything. The next day, my mom used better judgement and took me to the professionals. Her friends recommended an Enamor store at a mall near our house. We walked into a huge space full of pretty underthings that made my heart flutter. Later in life, I learnt that a bra doesn’t make you grow up, but it does make you feel good about yourself.

3. I Loved The Support. I Never Took It Off!

first time bra stories

Carol Fernandez

I distinctly remember the first time I went to buy a bra with my aunt and mom. They kept talking about how their first time wasn’t so great and how they were very uncomfortable. So it came as a great surprise to me when my very first training bra fitted seamlessly on me. It was so comfortable and offered great support. I even did a little run around the lingerie store to show my mom and aunt how comfortable I was. I almost chest-bumped the salesgirl but I had a strong feeling that she didn’t share the same level of euphoria.

That day, I made my mom and aunt buy me three bras each. One for every day of school. Yes, I was finally a woman and I had enough support in the form of pretty lingerie. Ever since, it’s been hard to part with my bras. In fact, I currently use an Enamor bra and from day 1, I have felt fabulous! I guess some people just have it easier than the rest and I wish my mom and aunt had had the same brand for their first bras.

4. I Was A Tomboy And I Wanted To Tape The Bra To My Chest

Anamika Gupta

I’ve always hung out with the boys. As a kid, my male cousins were my confidants and partners-in-crime while my female cousins played with dolls and had tea parties like proper little ladies. I was a skinny kid and never really had many assets to boast of. So, when I hit puberty and my breasts began to no longer resemble a flat surfboard, I got a bit worried. Why was this happening to me? The boys are going to know I’m a girl. Noooooo!

The first time I realised something was growing on my chest was when I went to play cricket with the boys in the park. As I dived to complete a run, I felt a sharp pain through my chest. I went home and told mom about it and she simply smiled knowingly. The next day, she gave me a beige bra to try on. If I wanted to play with the boys, she knew, I needed support! So I put on the bra and looked at myself in the mirror. I liked my boyish frame and I hated this growth on my chest. So the next day, for school, I proceeded to tape my bra to my chest. So that they would look flat and the boys wouldn’t notice. But they did! Nonetheless, they still let me play with them. In fact, one of the cuter ones even hit on me. Win!

5. I Was Afraid Of Going To School. Now They’d Know…

Coincidentally, my period and my very first bra arrived on the same day. I had been talking to my mom about how the other girls in class wore bras and had started making fun of me when I told them I didn’t wear one. My mom promised to buy me a bra in the coming week. And then, the very day she presented me with a pretty powder blue Enamor bra, I got my period. I remember walking up to her nervously and telling mom how I was in pain and there was a riot going on down there. My mom just sat me down and explained calmly how it was all a part of the process of becoming a woman.

I went to school the next day wearing my pretty new bra, and also well-padded under my white school skirt. While my Enamor bra gave me the confidence I needed, I was in constant fear of staining my skirt. Years later, when I look back at the panic and confusion I felt that day, I simply laugh and wonder how my daughter will feel when she is in need of my support and guidance.

Names changed on request

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