What Happened The First Time We Went On A “Romantic” Holiday!

What Happened The First Time We Went On A “Romantic” Holiday!
Veer and I had started dating out of the blue. We had been good friends for a few months and then one day, just like that, something changed - and there we were, in a relationship! It was very comfortable and a lot of fun from the beginning - given that we had already known each other a while and already had been ourselves around each other. So the transformation from friends to lovers really was very smooth.

Just a month after we had started dating, we decided to take a trip together. There was a long weekend coming up and we were both pretty excited to get away and spend time with just each other - without our friends teasing us for a change! We were super confused about where to go and I was having a rather hectic week at work - so I told Veer to decide. “Just decide and I’ll go along. Surprise me!” And so he did. He picked this fort, now converted into a heritage resort,  somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. I liked going to such places anyway - places with a bit of history - and so, I happily agreed.

The weekend arrived, and Veer and I, both with our little bags in tow, set off to this place neither of us actually even knew directions to. We’d figure it out, we thought - we have google maps! So we took off, with Veer at the wheel. We were going to have so much fun, I thought! Our first road trip together as a couple. How romantic!

Of course, no epic road trip is possible without a few bumps on the road - and I mean that literally. Once we were off the highway and onto the kacha road that led to this magnificent fort (as we had read online), we were both just yelling and holding our backs. Yes, the road was that bad - with potholes, bumps and random things lying in the middle of the road. We tried to take it in our stride really, but we were in too much pain by the end of it. This stretch went on for an hour, but the pain in our backs carried on for a while after! Just as we got off this road and breathed a sigh of relief, a truck that came out of nowhere nearly killed us. Veer actually had to swivel his car off the road to save us! After cursing and name calling the driver for a few minutes, we regained our courage and took off again. We were almost there.

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But not quite. There were still a few hurdles we had to cross before we finally entered the gates of this fort! And this time, it was human hurdles. No, seriously. There were men who were peeping into the car so intently, that they might as well have been inside our car. It took us a good half an hour trying to manoeuver the car around them and then finally arrive!

First romantic holiday with my boyfriend

Thank god! We were finally there. Both of us were happy as can be. The fort looked pretty decent. The weather was nice. Now that we were finally at our destination, we forgot all the troubles our journey had presented and concentrated instead on having a good time with each other.

We checked in and then ventured out to check out the fort. We had a few very romantic kisses when no one was watching - and then we decided to go do some fun activities around the fort. Which, by the way, happened to be only badminton. Their swimming pool was shut down for some repair work, so chilling in the pool wasn’t an option. So we went with the flow and ended up having some rather fun and competitive rounds of badminton! After we were all sweaty and tired, we went off to our room for a shower. And what a shower that was, if you know what I mean.

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After our very adventurous little stint in the shower, we proceeded to have some more sex on the comfortable but rickety bed the fort had offered us. We were, of course, famished after this, so some food and alcohol were in order! We went down to their garden restaurant and ordered our food and drinks. And the rest of the evening went by like a breeze. It was sweet and romantic and fun. Everything I had hoped for - and I’m guessing he had too.

After almost six, yes six hours, of talking and goofing around, we headed back to our room. We were pretty drunk at this point too and our laughter was uncontrollable! Anyway, we obviously ended up having some more sex before we decided to just sleep. It was 3:00 AM after all! And we were pretty tired after the many adventures of the day.

“Could you pass me some water please, babe?” Veer rather quietly said.

“Ya, sure.”

After looking by my bedside and his, we realized that there was no water in the room. We were, as you can imagine, pretty dehydrated and in dire need of some water! We tried calling the reception and the room service guys a few times - but there was no response. Then Veer told me not to worry. He’d just quickly pop out and get some water from them.

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As I waited for Veer to return, the old charm of the fort stopped seeming so much like charm and started to haunt me! I’ve always been a bit of a scaredy cat. So being alone in a fort about which I had heard many scary stories over dinner, wasn’t exactly exciting! And Veer was taking rather long. He had been gone for half an hour. I decided to call him - and just my luck, he had forgotten his phone in the room!

Half an hour turned into an hour and now I was seriously freaked out. Had he gotten lost, had he been kidnapped? Had he seen a ghost?! Oh my god! What had happened to Veer! I decided it was time I stepped out myself, but just as I was about to, the phone in the room rang. As freaked out as I was, I knew I had to answer it. So I did - and it was Veer!

“Listen, I’m lost!” he said.

“What do you mean you’re lost?!”

“I was looking for water and there was no one anywhere in the fort! So I thought I’d step out and see if there was anyone there. But there’s no light here so I could barely see. But thankfully, I’ve found this landline hanging on a wall wherever I have now reached.”

“Okay Veer, I’m coming to get you. Hold on wherever you are.”

So through the scary corridors I went yelling Veers name! It was right out of a movie, seriously!

We finally found each other, but didn’t find any water!

Anyway, we had a good laugh about it and have a great story to tell all our friends now. To be honest, all these tiny things we can now laugh about actually made it even more romantic. I fell even more in love with Veer and found in him a best friend. But what I learnt most importantly that day was that water is very, very important! I always carry my own no matter where I’m going now!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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