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7 Fashion Essentials That Look WAY More Expensive Than They Are

7 Fashion Essentials That Look WAY More Expensive Than They Are
Every once in awhile, a girl wants to dress up in expensive and timeless pieces of clothing. However, buying expensive clothes for daily wear isn’t exactly feasible. More importantly, just because the digits on the price tag are bigger doesn’t mean that the clothes automatically start looking expensive. But there are certain items that have a timeless elegance about them that makes them look priceless no matter what their price is. You must try these...

1. A Tan Bag

Looking to buy a bag or a shoes? The colour tan is perfect for anything that is leather or looks like leather. Instead of buying colourful bags which are actually expensive, just go for a simple tan bag. The colour is classy and so versatile that it blends with any colour combination.

2. A Crisp White Shirt

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There is nothing in the world of fashion that beats a crisp button-down white shirt. For decades, they have been one of the most important wardrobe essentials any woman or man can own. Whether you pair it with a pair of blue jeans or a skirt, there is literally nothing a white shirt can’t do for you. Just make sure it’s ironed, yes?

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3. A Black Blazer

If there is one thing that will stay with you through thick and thin and make you look fabulous throughout, it is the quintessential black blazer. Just throw it on top of anything and go own the world. Enough said!

4. Delicate jewellery

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When it comes to making accessories look expensive, go the simple route. Even though elaborate junk jewelry is super pretty and comes in colours to die for, everybody recognises what it’s actually worth when they see it. But if you only wear a thin necklace or a simple ear stud, it can look like you spent a bomb on them. And unless someone is an expert in spotting fakes, no one can even tell that it is fake. Ssh!

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5. Suede and Tweed

Fabrics that are heavier give a certain depth and exclusivity to clothing items. Since these are fabrics that people do not wear on a daily basis, they always have a luxe element attached to them. Suede skirts and fringed suede bags have been doing the rounds as popular trends for a while now, so go ahead and hop on the bandwagon!

6. Think Camel

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So we know that the colour tan takes the first place when it comes to making leather shoes and bags look more expensive than what they’re actually priced at. Is there a similar colour for clothes that magically add gallons of suave and class to any and every piece? The answer is, “Yes!”, and it’s camel. Fashionistas all over the world swear by this colour for making anything look exclusive. Camel-coloured coats, skirts, and hats...Get your hands on anything and let this colour work its magic for you!

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7. Anything tailored

The most important thing when it comes to creating that perfect polished ensemble is the fit. Tailor-made pieces of clothing - whether they’re trousers or shirts or anything else - automatically look sharp and elegant. Since they are custom-made for just your body, they fit you like a second skin. And that makes all the difference!

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