7 Tricks To Style A Fitted Dress If You’re A Not-So-Skinny Girl

7 Tricks To Style A Fitted Dress If You’re A Not-So-Skinny Girl
As much as we love the comfort and the loose silhouette of shift dresses, we also love wearing a dress that hugs our body tight. Wearing a bodycon dress or a tight-fitted dress can seem a little daunting as we’re scared it might highlight *ahem* things that are not supposed to see the light of day. Well, you might wanna think again because here are some fab tips on how to rock that bodycon silhouette even if you’re not skinny. So go ahead and flaunt those curves… You know you want to!

1. Pull the focus upwards

Just because the names “Love Handles” and “Muffin Tops” sound cute doesn’t mean they are! They’re not even in the same zipcode as cute and they might be one of the main reasons we shy away from wearing a tight-fitted dress. So here’s the trick - while wearing a bodycon, pull the focus to your neck and shoulders by wearing off shoulder dresses or dresses with a low neck. Accessorize with pretty earrings or a  statement necklace.

2. The DARK SIDE is where you need to go

ways to wear a fitted dress

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The oldest trick in the book and the most effective still - wearing darker hues! The easiest way to cut down a few inches is to wear a darker colour because they effectively hide bumps, creases and folds in your body. If you’re thinking of wearing or buying a tight-fitted dress and you want to look like you’ve been doing your time at the gym… Then you should definitely pick black. Your secret’s safe with us. :P

3. Cinch the waist

Add some structure to your look by wearing a thin waist belt. Cinch the tiniest part of your waist with a contrasting belt. This highlights your waist and creates an illusion of a slimmer frame. Make sure you don’t go for elastic belts or belts that are too tight, though, as they might cause unnecessarily visible folds at your tummy above and below the belt.

4. Invest in proper shapewear

ways to wear a fitted dress

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This is it, ladies! Neither boyfriends nor pretty shoes can do what good shapewear can do for you. From smoothening out the stubborn tummy to giving a nice lift to the butt, shapewear can do no wrong. The good folks of this wonderful planet have given us the gift of tummy tuckers, butt shapers, and thigh reducers...so we can go ahead and look fabulous in a tight-fitted dress.

5. Add a layer on top

Throw on another layer of very thin long-line cardigan or an open kimono-inspired coverup over a fitted dress. Long-line cover-ups will not only make you appear slimmer, but they also do a pretty good job of dressing down a bodycon dress if you want to look casual.

6. Be wary of the length

ways to wear a fitted dress

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The length of a dress or a skirt plays a very important role in how our final look comes off. This is tricky because the same length does not suit everybody. While picking a fitted dress, make sure that it is not too short as it may make your thighs appear bigger. Dresses that end right above the knee or full length slit dresses suit almost any body type.

7. Look for thicker fabrics

The thinner the fabric, more the chances of unwanted bulges showing through. Always make sure that you choose thicker and more detailed fabric, since it will sit on your body without hanging on to folds and curves. Think bandage bodycon dresses that are sturdy and elastic.

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