8 Cute & Easy Ways To Make Up With Him After A Fight!

8 Cute & Easy Ways To Make Up With Him After A Fight!
Oh, we all fight, and of course we would. It’s two different people trying to build a relationship and make it work - there will be friction and some fire. And it’s really okay too, as long as you are willing to forgive, let go, make up and make love some more. So, here are 7 easy ways to make peace after any fight, ‘coz love is forever, but your arguments shouldn’t be!

But first, cool down yourself, and give him the time and space to do so too…

‘Coz if you’re still replaying the argument in your head and haven’t been able to get over it, then every confrontation with him will just turn into an ugly fight. So sleep on it, go out for a movie or  meet a friend - whatever the cause of your fight maybe, we’re sure it wouldn’t seem so severe a while later.

Now, introspect.

You're never fighting for the reason you think. So, muse over what actually happened and why it happened, and please, please do not try to defend yourself and look for his faults while doing this. Remember it’s not a war that you’ve got to win, okay?

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Go ahead and make up with him, like this -

1. Send him a bunch of silly memes, jokes, gifs - just anything that’ll make him laugh and get him talking. Nothing breaks ice like a good laugh, right?

2. Get ridiculous, play his favorite number and start dancing! If that doesn’t tempt him into wanting to joining you, what will? Just don’t give up till he starts responding back!

make up after a fight
3. Instead of facing away from each other in bed, just snuggle up to him and apologise for your bit in the fight. We’re sure this will encourage him to open up and realise his mistake too.

4. Surprise him! Get him flowers and breakfast in bed, or tickets to a gig he would love delivered in the middle of a busy day at work.

make up after a fight

5. We’ve all heard of the power of make up sex right? Why not treat him to that thing you do that makes him go crazy in bed? You know it's hard to stay mad at each other after an awesome time in bed!

6. Make a cutesy poster and hang it where you know he will see it. Write promises on that poster that you know he will appreciate. This is sure to bring a smile to his face!

make up after a fight

7. You could also make him a video collage of pictures from when you two first met, and add some text about your fondest memory from that time alongside each picture. Play his favorite song in the background and send it to him. Trust us, it’ll work like magic.

8. Ask him out on a date and bring the spark back to your relationship. Sometimes, all you need is a change of space and mood to resolve petty fights. Dress up for the date, flirt with him and tell him how much he means to you. All he needs is to hear and watch you say it to feel better again!

make up after a fight

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