12 Kinds Of Girls We ALL Know (Which One Are You?!)

12 Kinds Of Girls We ALL Know (Which One Are You?!)
No two girls are the same - take that from us, people. And yet, we’ve all had friends who behaved in a way that made us go, “Yeah! That’s her thing.” So, at the risk of seeming to generalize womenfolk, we’ve brought to you 12 kinds of girls almost all of us know...

1. The one who can’t really tell a joke

She tries, oh she tries so hard to tell you the joke - but as soon as she nears the funny part of the story, she just starts choking up and laughing uncontrollably at it herself - so that in all probability, you won't ever get to hear the end of it!

2. The one who is obsessed about things being in their “proper” place

Read Monica Geller, 2.0. An inexplicable itch grows inside her when things move, even slightly, away from their place - and she just can’t sit still till she has physically put them back where they belong.

kinds of girls

3. The dramatic one who loves to exaggerate, every little thing!

A minor cut = bleeding profusely, need to see a doctor NOW. He sent a friend request = totally interested and maybe wants to get married someday!!

4. The one who knows fashion

You don’t argue latest trends with her, ‘coz she follows the Kardashians’ lives more religiously than you follow your own boyfriend’s!

kinds of girls

5. The one who’s a grandma in her twenties

She finds music too loud at clubs, can’t stay awake past 11 p.m. and loves the practical flat shoe. Oh, and if you ever mention that you’re in distress, be sure that she will have plenty of advice to give you!

6. The one who is busy sharing her life on with social media

She has some deep thoughts? Up goes a status. She is buying groceries with her mum - takes a picture with a meaningful caption of the fresh veggies. She heard about the odd-even rule, totally tweeted her dislike.

kinds of girls

7. The one who has a huge crush on a celebrity

No one stalks like she does. If there is true love, she is the one who knows what it means - ‘coz how else could she feel something so strong for someone she will probably never meet? But, she will still like all his pictures, hate all his girlfriends and bash anyone who has anything to say against him.

8. The one who f**cking swears, every f**cking time

You have to keep asking her to keep her volume low when you’re in company, but the thing is - she doesn’t even realise how often she repeats her favourite curse words in a single sentence.

kinds of girls

9. The one who can’t stop talking about her boyfriend

She often has a baby-voice reserved for times when she is speaking to her beloved and when she is speaking about him - which is all the time. Because, of course, they are just so perfect together. :P


10. The one who loves, loves, looves dogs

A puppy on the road has to be comforted, played with, fed and given sad, parting glances. She also often talks of the misery dogs face at the hands of us humans, and how she will one day have a dog shelter of her own.

kinds of girls

11. The one who’s always up for a fight

Whether it’s with the auto-wallah who won’t charge as per the meter, or that aunty who crossed the line in the metro - she is never backing down from a fight, and is gonna give a piece of her mind to anyone who acts too smart for their own good.

12. The one who gets high on gossip!

Someone got married, or had a break-up? Oh, that's news for her. She has got to update her friends with it, and of course keep scrounging her sources ( read FB and Insta) for more details!

kinds of girls

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