8 Super Cute Ways Guys Talk About Their Girls To Their Friends!

8 Super Cute Ways Guys Talk About Their Girls To Their Friends!
If only you could hear him talk to his friends about you, oh, you’ll know how much he loves you! No, he doesn’t say anything too grand or poetic - it’s just the way he keeps mentioning you to them in little conversations that just says it all. Here’s how...

1. “You will go crazy if you taste the cakes that she bakes. They are the best in the whole wide world.”

He will leave no chance to brag about your super powers to the world - whether they’re in the kitchen or at work.

he talks about you to his friends

2. “No, no, my girlfriend told me…”

Whatever the discussion on the table might be, he will have something to offer from what you told him earlier.

3. “I can’t. I am going camping this weekend with my girlfriend!”

Of course, you figure in his weekend plans - and he doesn’t fail to inform his friends just how much fun the two of you are going to have!

he talks about you to his friends

4. “What is this obsession girls have with their eyeliner and kajal? Like my girlfriend won’t step out without it.”

And every time there is any debate over ‘girly’ things - of course, he has to lead by your example.

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5. “Both of us love watching movies, and sometimes we do these crazy movie marathons....”

And then, there are common interests that you two share, which he often mentions to his friends...like movies or adventure sports or maybe history.

he talks about you to his friends

6. “Na, I don’t think all women are into shopping. At least, my girl isn’t. In fact, I sometimes have to drag her with me!”

He doesn’t shy away from making comparisons between you and ‘other’ girls - especially when you come out the winner in a certain situation!

7. “Relationships are like that - you’ve got to pamper her, and well, she will return the favor...”

You thought only you talk about ‘love and relationships’ with your friends? Well then you’d be surprised to know that your boyfriend doesn’t always discuss just cars or sports with his friends! Guys have much gyaan to give and take on relationships too!

he talks about you to his friends

8. “That’s her!”

He turns his phone screen towards his friends, shows them the cutest picture of you two together, and asks with much pride, “We look terrific together, don’t we?”

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